5 Fun Foods to Make This Fall Besides Pumpkin Bread

Disclaimer: I have nothing against pumpkin bread!  But let's change things up.

When I make food that I consider autumn-y, it's usually normal food with extra cinnamon on top.  Nothing wrong with that just like there's nothing wrong with pumpkin bread (I feel really bad for denouncing pumpkin bread).  These five recipes, however, go beyond dumping cinnamon onto the closest innocent, unsuspecting breakfast.  By the way, they're all vegetarian and can easily be made vegan.  Here five are simple ways to embrace fall through delicious, nutritious, food.

1. Spooky strawberries
Dip strawberries in white chocolate, then add little chocolate chips for eyes and big chocolate chips for a mouth.

2. Cookie and Kate's butternut squash pasta with fried sage
Y'all I made this the other day and it was soooo good.  Soooo good.  It's nutritious, plant-based, and looks fancy and complicated but is actually pretty simple.
Just a note- the recipe says to cook the squash until soft and then blend it to make a sauce, but most blenders don't like hot foods.  Instead, I cooked the squash until it was soft and then smooshed it a little with a spoon.  That sounds gross, but it was really good.

3. Chai spice almond butter and/or cinnamon peanut butter
Pro tip: if you, like me, really don't have anything against pumpkin bread, spread a pat of thick, fudgy chai spice almond butter onto a slab of pumpkin bread and top it with thin slices of pear.

4. Butternut squash hummus
I love this with veggie chips a) because the flavor pairs really well and b) all the different color veggie chips look like fall leaves, matching with the autumn-sunset-orange of the hummus.  Somehow I don't have any good photos of this, so you'll have to try it for yourself.

5. Spiced Apple OatmealI make this, like, every three days.  It's especially comforting on sleepy school mornings.

If you make any of these, let me know in the comments and send me photos on Instagram!  And in the meantime, stay spooky ... and get geared up for National Novel Writing Month!

World peace and love,

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