3 Bands You Haven't Heard of But Should Listen To

Need something new to jam to?  I've got you covered.

I went to a little festival thingy last week where three lesser-known bands played.  Last year at this same festival, The Fratellis headlined, so I trusted I would hear more good music this year as I elbowed my way into the crowd.  I was right.

Vegetable casuela from a restaurant near the festival.
Right near it.  We could hear music clearly as we ate.

1. Moska Project
Reggae and some Latin-American style rhythms.  This is music you can dance to, and in the actual fun way, not the high school homecoming way.  Even if you wrinkled your nose at this description- "that's what the old people listen to, Heather-"  I urge you to give them a listen.  They're seriously talented musicians and their music is straight-up good vibes.

2. Authority Zero
The kind of music that comes to mind when you think "hard rock."  These guys put on super fun, energetic show, and the crowd feeds off that energy- in the center of the audiecnce, people were shoving each other and running around in circles.  It was funny until it got scary.  That aside, I really enjoyed the show and I anyone who likes Foo Fighters or The Disturbed would probably go for Authority Zero.

3. Cold War Kids
These were the headliners, and you may have heard of them despite what the title suggests.  I've heard their song, "So Tied Up" on the radio before.  It's kind of poppy, kind or rock-y, and fun to sing along to.  Fans of the Arctic Monkeys or Tame Impala would probably enjoy them.
Haha all these photos look the same.

What are you listening to right now?  Super.emazing just recommended The Dirty Heads to me so that's what I'll be listening to shortly.  Let me know in the comments or on Facebook/Instagram what good music you're into (comments give me the shallow validation I crave).

World peace and love,

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