The Blergh Chill-Out Playlist

This is music that feels like deep breaths.  Enjoy.

The Blergh Chill-Out Playlist

Blue, Willow Beats
This song makes me feel like I'm lying in a field of grass as rain softly falls around me and I'm part of the earth and nearby someone is making lovely vegetable soup.  I first heard it in this Thriving On Plants video, which explains the vegetable soup part, but the rest is just the song.  I don't usually listen to this style of music, but I love Willow Beats.

The Spider and the Fly, The Rolling Stones
I actually don't like a lot of Stones music.  They just sound dirty to me.  Not dirty like naughty, dirty like they haven't washed their hands in years.  But I like some of their songs, and Spider to the Fly is my favorite.

Sonatine, Ravelle
Contemporary classical piano.

in love with a ghost
Artist rather than a song.  My friend introduced me to his electronic music last year.  Everything is really soothing.

Every Planet We Reach is Dead, The Gorillaz
As I mentioned in this post, this is a good song for when it's storming outside.

Love You More, Basshunter
In third/fourth/fifth grade, a couple of my friends and I went through a huge Basshunter phase.  It was spurred, I think, by some viral-ish Pictochat video of a wolf (Have you ever hear anything more 2000s?  I never had a DS but the only reason I really wanted one was Pictochat).  Anyways, Basshunter is a Swedish techno artist whose songs are repetetive, autotuned, and terribly catchy.  I still listen to the album I have on iTunes.  While Love You More has a fast beat and is definitely intended to be danced to in a strobe-light club setting, I remember listening to it on a low volume while sitting in the backseat of the family car as we rumbled along the Seven Mile Bridge in the Keys, and I slowly, warmly, drifted to sleep.  Good vibes.

Oslo in the Summertime, Of Montreal
If you're ever sad, I recommend lying in bed, reading The Hobbit, and listening to this song.

Little Bird, The Beach Boys
This song gives me indescribable nostalgia.  I'm not even sure what I'm nostalgic for.

World peace and love,

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