A Week of Rainbow Foods

Super.emazing challenged me to a week of eating by the rainbow.

The rules were simple.  Each day of the week, I would make something centered around one of the seven colors of the rainbow.  I could use only what I already had at home.

I've included links to information about the nutrients in what I made, so you make the most out of your meals, too.  All plant based foods with natural colors have antioxidants(learn about antioxidants from a food scientist), but they all had different health benefits that I didn't realize.

Watermelon and raspberry smoothie bowl topped with walnuts, strawberries, dried cranberries, and more watermelon.  I thought my lil mini watermelon slices were so cute haha.  Of course, walnuts aren't really red, but they're kind of close and they fit well with the tart fruit flavors.
Red fruits and veggies

Peanut butter toast topped with white cherries(they're orange. really), mango, more peanut butter, and sunflower seeds. 
The peanut butter is homemade, so it's just peanuts, a little bit of oil, and a little bit of honey- protein, healthy fats, antioxidants, and a lot less added whosits and whatsits than big brand names. (Disclaimer- I still love Skippy.  It's about balance, dudes.)
Orange fruits and veggies
Sunflower seeds

Homegrown pineapple.  Egg pan-fried and spiced with turmeric on top of potato bread(which also has turmeric).  I made this on a school morning, so my kitchen's intense yellow lighting accompanies the yellow food.
Yellow fruits and veggies

It's widely known that green foods tend to be some of the best foods for us.
This is avocado toast made with my HOMEMADE!!! rye bread (my first time making bread!! Did you know rye bread has pickle juice in it?).  I topped the avocado with lemon juice and cracked white pepper, then added clover sprouts and cucumber on top.  And made a face so it's wry bread.  I've already used that joke once, but I'm saying it again because I think it's funny.
Clover sprouts

The only blue food we had at home was blueberries.  On some occasions, I have been able to make myself like a food which I previously didn't like just by forcing myself to eat it repeatedly- this worked with raspberries and mushrooms- but it hasn't worked for blueberries so far, (unless they're in pies, sauce on top of ice cream with whipped cream, or, occasionally, muffins).
Then I remembered that when I was in Greenville with my family in July, we went to The Tea and Spice Exchange and found a blue raspberry tea!  It has natural raspberry flavor, but it's blue because it has butterfly pea flowers.
Buttefly pea flowers

Since I was working with what I had at home, I scavenged a couple of purple potatoes from the pantry.  They look like geodes when you cut them in cross-section.  They're so pretty.  I cooked them with a couple of other little potatoes, then melted Clemson blue cheese- the only blue cheese I like- on top of them and added green onions.  I know, I was just talking about how I didn't have any blue foods at home, and here I was cooking with blue cheese.  But what was I gonna do, stir blue cheese into my tea?
Purple potatoes

1) I eat a lot of toast.
2) Doing research on these colors only further proved to me the power of what we eat.  I don't believe in a black and white contrast between healthy and unhealthy, but it's clear that including a variety of plant-based, colorful foods in our diet can have positive effects on how we function and feel.
3) Super.emazing is the coolest.  Thanks for suggesting this! :)

In this post, I've included a several links to Whfoods.com, an awesome foodie website I found in my colorful-food-research.  It looks super sketchy, but the articles are very complete and well-researched, and my computer hasn't gotten a virus yet.  They're not paying me to say this, I just think people should know about it.

World peace and love,
Heather <3

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