The Blergh Guide to Listening to MUSE

Why can't we see that when we bleed we bleed the same?
Map of the Problematique, Black Holes and Revelations

When I was a snotty elementary-schooler and my brother and sister were cool high school kids, they listened to Muse.  I listened to Muse with them and I knew I would become a cool high school kid, too.
As it turns out, I became a snotty high school kid, but close enough.
Some folks think Muse is the crap that whiny teenagers with lots of eyeliner listen to when they cry.  But many of Muse's songs are really beautiful and really fun. 

Start with 
Supermassive Black Hole.  I've never watched Twilight but I'm pretty sure it was in Twilight?  Weird.
Next, listen to Unnatural Selection.
Then, listen to Muse's cover of Feeling Good.
By this point, you should be hooked.

Muse is made up of:
guitarist/singer/occasional pianist/possible alien Matt Bellamy
bassist/football player/professional headbanger Chris Wolstenholme (Wolstenholme is the vocalist in Liquid State and Save Me, both about his struggle with alcoholism.  He was victorious.)
drummer/percussionist/leopard-print fan/also possible alien Dom Howard.

Muse is known to be one of the best live bands.  I wouldn't know because I had a dance recital the time they came I'm not bitter I'm not bitter I'm not bitter  but my sister has seen them live and can vouch, as can a friend of mine who's seen them like, seven times I'm not bitter I'm not bitter.

They hit every niche in the rock category, the majority of their songs fitting with the progressive or alternative rock label, but their more recent stuff is touching on techno and pop.

If you like Radiohead, listen to Showbiz.  My favorite song from Showbiz is Sober.
If you like Pink Floyd, try Origin of Symmetry.  My favorite is Space Dementia, which samples Rachmaninoff.
If you love a good headbangAbsolution is for you.  My favorite is Time is Running Out.
If you breathe, listen to Black Holes and Revelations.  My favorite is Invincible.
If Queen is your vibe, listen to The Resistance.  (One of) my favorite(s) is I Belong to You (+Mon Coeur S'ouvre a ta Voix).
If you play video games, listen to The 2nd Law.  My favorite is Panic Station.  I don't usually care much about the music video as long as the music itself is good, but you should definitely watch this music video because it's really weird.
If you're into scary yelly metal (I don't mean that to sound negative), you'll dig Drones.  My favorite song from Drones is The Handler.
These are listed in the order they came out, so in Showbiz you can tell from Matt's voice and the slightly rougher recording they're really young.  They've changed a lot, but there is always that unique undertone that sings of Muse.  No band is quite like Muse; no band is as versatile.

If you liked any of these, get ready for their new album coming out in November!  The three singles out now, Dig Down, Thought Contagion, and Something Human (plus Bellamy promised us a fourth called Pressure sometime soon), give us an idea of the kind of catchy, post-apocalyptic retro reconstruction style that we'll experience in their new album.  That sounds as ridiculous as a Boggart, but if you listen to the singles, you'll know what I mean.

Speaking of ridiculous... I made a Muse smoothie bowl to go with this post (I'm incorrigible, I know).  I tried to recreate The Resistance album cover.  It turned out less like the cover (I don't really like blueberries so I didn't use enough of them) and more like a mess, but it still tasted good and I thought my little Craisin guy was cute.

Go listen to Muse now.

World peace and love,


P.S. I didn't cite any sources because most of this junk came from my head, like some sort of hand-me-down Muse sense my brother and sister left me when they went to college.

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