Make Your Own Tropical Tea!

If you'd rather watch the sunset with a cozy mug of tea than a mai tai, this is for you.
Nah, it's for anyone, honestly.

In this recipe, I use dried hibiscus flowers and dried mango slices.  But a variety of dried fruits and dried flowers would go well together.  Use your nose, taste buds, and common sense, and make sure the flowers aren't poisonous before you use them in anything you will consume (Please, I don't want to be responsible for casualties)!

I found the dried hibiscus flowers at the local produce stand, and I dried the mango myself, using this as a guideline.  Basically, slice the fruit really thin and lay the slices out on a silpat/parchment on a baking tray.  Bake at the oven's lowest temperature- around 185* Farenheit if you live in America where measurements don't make sense :):):):).  Every hour, flip the slices over until they are done.  They're done with they're leathery and bendy like... I can't think of a good simile, but it's not that hard to tell.

I recommend combining the mango and hibiscus at a ratio of 2 mango slices to 1 hibiscus, because the hibiscus is very strong.  I imagine a tiny bit of fresh or crystallized ginger would be great, too.

If you have a tea steeper thingy, go ahead and use that.  If not, you can heat the hibiscus and mango in another cup of hot water, then strain it through a sieve into your mug.  Or you can drink it loose-leaf like the elves.  That's cool too.

Straining it (turn the sound on)

Avengers mug... fuzzy Avengers pj pants... You can't see it,
but I'm wearing a Captain America shirt, too.

World peace and love,

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