The Search Engine That Plants Trees

What if your searches helped save the world? is a search engine that plants trees.

I know, it sounds idealistic, but I've been doing research.

One way that free search engines make money is through running search advertisements- Google does it, Ecosia does it.  The difference is that Ecosia uses the income from the advertisements to pay for tree planting.

Some of the keywords that pop up when you look up Ecosia are "ecosia virus" and "ecosia scam."  But according to Browser Media and The Wealthy Tourist, Ecosia is safe and legitimate.  If you click on the bell icon in the upper right hand corner of the Ecosia home page, you can access information about where they're planting trees- currently, it's Uganda.

Here's the ultimate test.

It'll do for now.

I still use Google a lot- its search results are more accurate and its network of profiles- email, blogger, etc.- are especially useful for school.  But for personal use, like looking up music, recipes, or the name of that one obscure Pokemon, Ecosia is pretty darn good.  

I don't know, maybe it is idealistic or maybe it is all a scam and I'm getting the wool pulled over my eyes.  But I think we could all use a little idealism.  It seems like a no-brainer to support the planting of trees.
Trees support clean air, clean water, healthy communities, and optimistic futures.  Search on to make your mark!

(I'm not even getting paid to advertise them.  I just think it's cool.)

World peace and love,


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