12 Intentions for Summer Vacation (Very enthusiastic list!!! Lots of exclamation points!!)

I'm gonna get rickets from lack of Vitamin D because the sun hasn't shone here in, like, two weeks.  I like it, though.  I like the quiet gray sky and the darker, heavier clouds rolling beneath.  I love the quiet whisper of new rain and then the sudden whoosh as it gets heavier.  I love how green and healthy the trees and plants look.
Also I love Bucky but that's nothing new.

I took my last two exams of the school year today!  And while I'm kind of sad to say goodbye to what was truly an awesome year, I am. so ready. for summer vacation ahahaha.

Things I Want to Do This Summer Vacation!

- The Oddysey
- Alas, Babylon
- The list I made from my APUSH book
- A Farewell to Arms- Hemingway
- If you have suggestions tell me!  I want to read!!!  So much!!
- I think I might post a list of what I read last summer, because I had fallen out of love with reading for fun until last summer, when I read some seriously good books.

Learn how to surf

Learn how to do a kip-up

Write the short story about the thing, and write other stuff

Go to the local produce shop and get so many fresh fruits and veggies that I have to carry them out in a big box

Make food!!!
- Cookie cake
- Ice cream cake
- Sushi (minus the raw  dead animals fish :) )
- Corn like the kind they eat in Nacho Libre.  I don't know what's on it but it looks cool.
- DIY tea???
- Like, everything from that one cookbook.  Especially chocolate leaves.
-All kinds of green smoothies
And take really good pictures of all of it! Like, full-on photoshoots.

Dance so much

Start a compost pile

Waterski (but not in the river because The Establishment dumps sewage into our ecosystem.)

Take Earthquake everywhere!


Play piano and guitar and bass and listen to some new music- listen to more Foster the People- write some stuff

NOTE TO SELF: Matt Bellamy's birthday is June 9th so don't forget to celebrate!

If you haven't seen Infinity War, go see it.  Otherwise, world peace and love,



  1. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, if you haven't already; although i oddly enough started this series with the second book, The Restaurant at the End of the Universe, which i think is a tad better, except a lot of it is dependant on the first book. Additionally, the first book has been adapted into a movie (and actually, that book was adapted from a radio program) but it deviates dramatically from the original story, would barely make sense anyways if you don't read the book, and is generally kinda bad, but starts off with a rousing opening number sung by dolphins.

    1. Woo I'm so happy you went to my blog! I actually just listened to the radio series a week ago on a road trip. We thought it was just a BBC audiobook of Hitchhiker's Guide, and later found out the radio version came first. It was hilarious, I'll definitely add it to my reading list. And maybe I'll just watch the singing dolphin part of the first movie, that sounds too good to pass up.


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