Environmental Ramble (I Missed the Anniversary of My Own Blog Pt. II)

(See Pt. I here)  Four years ago, an intelligent life form tapped out the first communications on The Blergh.

Since then, that life form has become less intelligent and more emotionally ensconced in superheroes and foods made out of fruit.  During these four years, The Blergh amassed 175 posts, a few of which are actually interesting.  The Blergh boasts 9,696 views- the hottest topics being the Oranga Tanga post and the Jaimie Engle post, which you should definitely read.  I don't have the number of times I've harassed people with the phrase "go to my blog," but it's probably in the thousands.

I had all these ideas for a fourth anniversary post but I'm currently in Texas and I'm not sure where to go from there.


I wrote that on Sunday.  It is now Wednesday, I think, but I don't really keep track of days during summer vacation.

Anywho, the Austin, Texas lifestyle inspired me to strive for more environmental sustainability.  So, today is Day One of Heather's Grand Compost Pile Project.

Up until now, I had assumed that composting was easy- just throw your banana peels in the backyard and they would quickly become rich, healthy soil and flowers would bloom and peace would come on earth.

I did some research.

Actually, outdoor composting still requires a bin of some sort, especially if you live, like I do, in a swamp where squirrels, coons, possums, coyotes, and probably bigfoots(bigfeet?) romp and play.  While there are several ways to build your own compost bin, my dad thinks that a storebought one is more likely to keep animals out.

The two options I'm looking at right now are the Redmon Green Culture 65-Gallon Compost Bin because it's one of the cheapest and got pretty good reviews.  Alternately, I may use the garbage can method, which seems easier, cheaper, and more reliable.

The super cool dudes who I stayed
with in TX kept this on their fridge.


While in Austin, I stayed with some super cool dudes who recently subscribed to a program called Lettuce.  Lettuce sends its subscribers fresh, locally-sourced ingredients in reusable containers, along with recipes that use those ingredients.  How cool is that?  The subscribers can compost the produce scraps in the containers, then return the containers to Lettuce, compost and all.  Apart from the occasional recyclable can or box, it's zero waste.

This is what we need!  My town needs this!  Everywhere needs this!

According to their website, Lettuce is expanding to San Marcos, San Antonio, and Georgetown.  It will be a while before they reach a small Florida town.  Might as well add another summer project to my list. 

I guess I'll start by emailing the people at the core of Lettuce to learn about how they started.  Then I'll talk to the people who run the local produce market, which has a lot of locally-sourced foods.

Right now, I'm caught up in the whimsy of it.  I know that putting a Lettuce-style program together where I live is a somewhat infeasible project when I'm just a kid from Brooklyn who doesn't know how the world works.  I know that it would take a lot of funds to start it, which, again, is difficult for a kiddo.  But I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

For now, I'm going to start from the bottom, gather information, and see what I can do.  If nothing else, it will be fun.

Thanks for not kicking me off the internet during these past four years.  Keep supporting The Blergh, keep hitting up @theblerghblog on Instagram and Facebook.  Comment!  Subscribe to the Blergh via email so you can see new posts with less hassle!  Do whatever you want, bro.

World peace and love,


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