InstaWrimo: 31 Days of Prompts!

March was the first-ever NaNoWriMo Instagram challenge.  Rather than post a response to the prompts every day, I consolidated them into one big 'ol #Instawrimo post.

1. Your Writing Inspiration History, especially American history.

2. Favorite Pen/Pencil Energel LiquidInk Colored pens.  They flow well on a page, plus they come in fun colors (the real reason anything interests me).  I use them on my DIY calendar and for journaling.

3. Laptop/Notebook Sticker I've been using this journal for at least three years and I still haven't taken the store label off.

4. Current Book The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

5. Notebook or Journal 
I use a gazillion different notebooks.  Each one has their own niche, for lack of a better word-  a notebook for recipes and recipe development, a notebook just for phrases of ideas, the notebook I keep in the drawer on my bedside table for writing down a dream before it slips clumsily away.  Recently, I started a bullet journal.  I don't know if I'm doing it right, but from what I've seen, the point of a bullet journal is that there is no "doing it right" and that's a concept I can get behind.

6. Writing Spot Anywhere I can park myself, really.  The school library, the couch, the crawlspace between the guest bed and the window, my own bed amidst a den of pillows, the kitchen bartop while the rest of the kitchen is chaotic with clutter and activity.

7. Writing Buddy Emma all the way! I love that we can read each other's writing without being self-conscious.  Plus I recently learned that a newish friend of mine is a writer, and I'm going to bug her about it so we can write together.

8. Story Map 
I took a photo of the last time I really "mapped" out a plot, but I didn't want the actual details posted because that's like performing the song when you've only sightread the music once.  Instead, enjoy an MS Paint map I made somewhere between four and sixth grade for the Warriors Forums.  I won't ridicule my MS Paint art because I had such a great time with it during that phase.  I found it on my DeviantArt, an account which makes me cringe but I forgot its password many years ago so I can't delete it.  I've made peace with it at this point.

9. Best NaNo Swag
The only NaNo swag I had was the PDF of the winner's certificate from 2016, but my old laptop went haywire so that's gone.  With the novel draft from 2016.  Back up your writing, kids.

10. Noveling Music Punk rock, especially the Sex Pistols.  I turn the sound low, so I only pick up wafts of damper-pedaled cacophony. 

11. Rough Drafts  See #9.

12. Vision Board An aesthetic, doodled on a road trip.  It was style inspiration for a recipe video.  Ultimately, I decided to just post the recipe instead because the video made me cringe.  I still want to make a recipe video, though.

13. Writing Beverage 
Water.  I'm boring hydrated.

14. Writing Snack 
Another boring answer- I don't usually eat while I'm writing.  I like to focus on writing when I'm writing, on eating when I'm eating.  

15. Favorite Quote 
"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry." It's from a Robert Burns poem.  We had to read Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck last year.  I don't recommend it if you like being not sad, but it was written well.
The quote itself is not particularly comforting, but I say it to myself when I start getting agitated over mutations in the schedules I lay out in my head.  It makes me chill out a little bit.

16. Good Luck Charm
I'm not superstitious, but Friday the 13th tends to be a pretty great day for me.  One Friday the 13th in elementary school, I nailed a piano audition (I usually get nervous and mess up as a result).  From the audition, I went straight to a Girl Scout party.  Another Friday the 13th was Earthquake's birthday.  This year's Friday the 13th, I was at a Spanish competition that went really well.  My Spanish teacher said Friday the 13th is considered good luck, not bad luck, in Spain.

17. Something Green The Really Good Green Smoothie

19. Favorite Fictional Heroine Eowyn from the Lord of the Rings.

"Hinder me?  Thou fool.  No living man may hinder me!"

Then Merry heard of all sounds in that hour the strangest.  It seemed that Dernhelm laughed, and the clear voice was like the ring of steel.  "But no living man am I!  You look upon a woman.  Eowyn I am, Eomund's daughter.  You stand between me and my lord and kin.  Begone, if you be not deathless!  For living or dark undead, I will smite you if you touch him."

J.R.R. Tolkien

20. Seasonal Change
Every year around March or April I get this renewed, refreshed creativity and motivation.  It's a hopeful feeling comparable to the sound of Brian Wilson's voice.

21. Current Mood 
Chilled out.  Kind of sleepy, kind of want to go run or dance or something.

22. Come As Your Character
A long, long time ago- like, when I was maybe seven or eight- I wrote a story about a coyote who wanted to be vegetarian because she didn't want to kill animals.  She joined a society of vegetarian bears.
I remind my parents of this when they say that me wanting to be vegetarian is "just a phase."  They remind me that, around the same time, I wrote a story about two horses who ate a mountain lion.

23. Writer's Block Un-blocker  
Whenever I'm in dire need of inspiration, I spend a few minutes scrolling through, the Tumblr of @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie.

24. Weirdest Writing Position  
Sometimes I write while I'm working out- on an exercise bike, or doing less intense floor exercises.  Writing while working out is not particularly conducive to good writing, but I'll do it from time to time anyway.

25. Your Writing Cheerleaders  
On school days during NaNoWriMo last year, I would sit outside with my friends during lunch, eat really fast, and rush inside to the library to write.  One of my friends would always whoop and make a general ruckus to encourage me as I left.  Thanks, "Tony Stark", for putting a smile on my face!

26. Handwriting 

27. Whimsical
Unicorn sundae!  Mint chocolate ice cream plus lavender shortbread stars by A and a cone from Clemson's '55 Exchange.

28. Favorite Writing Outfit
Currently, it's sweat pants and a tanktop I got on a snorkel tour off an island in the Caribbean.

29. Novels in the WildThis is not a novel in the wild.  This is Earthquake in the semi-wilderness.  He inspires me.

30. Shelfie
I'm moving to a different house soon-ish, so currently all my books are packed away in boxes.  If I were to show you a true shelfie, the shelves would be stuffed with schoolbags and jewelry boxes and other things I had to hide to make my house look presentable for real estate photos.  Here are some of the books that were shelved in my closet before all that.

31. The Beginning of a Writing Adventure
Doing this challenge made me motivated to write and to stop cutting corners in writing.  It was also great motivation to look at what other people posted.  Every day is an adventure, but writing has been a larger, ongoing adventure.  Things are budding with The Blergh and I know that every bit of inspiration and passion is going to count.
Exciting things are happening.  Stay tuned.

World peace and love,


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