Jaimie Engle: Writing A Career

Is writing worth it?  In today's consumerist society, it seems like art for the sake of art is, well, kaput.  

I had the opportunity to interview speaker, businesswoman, and award-winning author of Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light, Dreadlands, The Dredge, and The Toilet Papers- and more coming soon, I'm told- Jaimie Engle.  

Jaimie shaped her writing into a unique and rewarding career.  She proves that yes, the world needs arts, the world needs voices and stories and magic.  Moreover, she makes life as a writer seem absolutely excellent.  I'm overjoyed to present this interview, and incredibly grateful to Jaimie!

Who inspires you?
That’s a great question, Heather. I’m inspired by people who do great things. It can be something small in their community or a massive viral experience. Those who are “others focused” and making their lives make a difference inspire me to do more with the gifts and talents I’ve been given.

As a child, what did you imagine an author’s life would be like?  How is your life different?  The same?
I imagined it would be extraordinary. As an author, I would create books and share them with the world. We could discuss my characters and build products that enhance the stories. Eventually, I would see those books on the big screen…that’s how imagined life would be. Lots of fans, autographs, and sales. Now in many ways, I wasn’t far off. I do get to create and share, meet fans, sign autographs, and make sales. What’s different is the reality of how difficult it is to get those books into reader’s hands to make them become fans. Visibility is a constant struggle and it uses a different part of my brain, so I always have to balance vision with work. It’s not easy. The other major difference is I never thought I’d become an anti-bullying advocate and be given an opportunity to speak to kids at schools about countering bullying with their words. It’s been the most valuable gift I’ve received as an author, and I never imagined anything like it as a child.

What’s your biggest distraction while you’re writing?  How do you get past it?
Life. I haven’t been able to figure out how to get past it yet. It’s really all about discipline. Some days I want to write, some days I don’t. If I treat myself like an employee and give myself a spreadsheet of goals, I have no choice but to hit those goals. That’s my best attempt at figuring it out.

What is your ideal setup for writing (location, time of day, music, etc.)?
Anywhere, really…and the louder the better! But in an ideal setup, I would prefer afternoon, outside, with Pandora playing either “Danny Elfman” or “Hans Zimmer” Radio, two of my favorite contemporary composers.

What has been your greatest challenge as a writer?  How did you overcome it?
Honestly, the writing part, as crazy as that sounds. It’s really hard to get myself to sit down when I have laundry, shopping, cleaning, marketing, and promoting to do. Once I sit, it’s hard to stop writing, but those other things tend to creep in and steal my attention really easily.

If you didn’t choose writing, what path would you have taken?
I would have built a different business. I love brand building and before I started to write again as an adult, I would buy and sell items on Ebay as a side job. Today, I run a podcast called ORIGINS on the story behind legend and lore, which is amazing fun, and I love to create and sell my candle line: Wick Books, scents based off smells from my stories. No matter what, I would be creating and selling something I built.

Which of your characters is the most like you?
Mahlorie. She’s in a book that hasn’t published yet called “Metal Mouth” but you can check her out on my Pinterest @thewriteengle under the board named after the book title.

What are you proudest of?
My brand. I have worked very hard to create and sell my brand and it’s recognized now by people I don’t know. I’m very proud to know that people have heard of me and my books before we’ve met. It’s a very humbling moment.

How is your first published work different from your most recent published work?
In this case, my first book is a middle grade fantasy adventure about a boy who finds a magic arrow and time travels (Clifton Chase and the Arrow of Light). My latest book is an adult short story collection of horror, humor, and historical fiction titled The Toilet Papers: places to go, while you go. I think it’s safe to say they couldn’t be MORE different!!!

What’s next?
Next, is more books, more podcasts, and more rewards to my amazing club members at patreon.com/thewriteengle. This year in fact, I’m releasing a chapter a month of Clifton Chase Book 2: In Sherwood Forest to my Patreon members who subscribe for a Sprinkling of Fairy Dust or higher. You’ll have to check it out to see.

I can't thank Jaimie enough for collaborating with me on this!  Learn more about her at www.theWRITEengle.com and follow her @thewriteengle on Snapchat, InstagramFacebook, Pinterest, and Youtube.

World peace and love,

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  1. Thank you for the opportunity! I love what I do and having the chance to share it with others through your blog is AMAZING!!!


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