11 Things I'm Thankful For This Week

Every year at this time, my family and I bundle ourselves off across the country to visit with friends and breath in the snowflaked mountain air.  Not this year.

I was going to post about what I miss about that place.  All the little memories that pop up to squeeze my heart in funny places at any given time of day.

But whining is no fun.

Eleven Things I'm Glad I Was Here For This Week

1. the aroma of orange blossoms

2. making hot fudge sauce with my mom

3. awesome live music

4. spending the night by the beach with friend

5. dancing to folksy hippie music

6. the little rain shower this morning

7. walking and talking for hours with friend

8. playing music with talented people

9. swimming in the cold cold cold pool

10. cuddling with doggo every day

11. ice skating

I don't know if anyone reads this kind of stuff but I like to write it.  I also like it when people follow The Blergh by email (which they can do on the sidebar to the left), on Facebook, and on Instagram @theblerghblog ;) ;) ;)

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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