Imagining a Menu

While sitting in the back seat of a minivan for a ten hour drive, I daydreamed up a menu.  It's incredibly dorky but I feel no need to justify the dorkiness- that's just how it is.  If I had a restaurant, this is how it would be and this is what I would serve.  Some of the dishes on the menu are already on this blog, if you'd rather make it yourself than come to my fictional cafe.

Good Morning Cafe or Honey Bear Cafe
-Entirely vegetarian, mostly plant-based
-What animal products we use would be from humane, small, local farms
-Produce local, organic, and fresh as much as possible
-Good music + positive outlook
-Walls will be filled with my friends' art
-Lots of windows everywhere
-House nut butter, different flavors based on batch.  Same with granola.

Hot bowls
Honey Bear Oats: Apple oatmeal with blueberries, topped with banana, grapes, toasted walnuts, and honey
Good Morning Oats: Apple oatmeal with blueberries topped with banana, melty house nut butter, a knob of dark chocolate, and seasonal berries
Golden Oats: Turmeric coconut oatmeal topped with cashew butter, seasonal fruit, and pumpkin seeds
Buddha Bowl: Quinoa, chickpeas, roast new potatoes and bell pepper, broccoli, clover sprouts, and avocado.  Drizzled with creamy mango-avocado sauce.
Burrito Bowl: Brown rice, sweet corn, black beans, tomato wedges, and salsa, drizzled with creamy mango-avocado sauce in a bowl lined with toasty tortilla and fresh greens.

Cold bowls
Berry Bowl: Strawberry-blueberry-raspberry-banana smoothie topped with frozen berries, house granola, and almond butter.  (the recipe is the fourth one down in my smoothie bowl post)
Strawberry-Banana Nice Cream: Topped with mixed nuts
Chocolate Nice Cream: Topped with house granola and frozen blueberries
Sunshine Acai Bowl: Banana and acai blended with seasonal fruit and topped with house granola and sunflower seeds
Beach Boys Bowl: Orange-mango smoothie topped with peanuts and dolloped with coconut cream.

The Really Good Green Smoothie: Mango, banana, almond butter, orange juice, spinach, and matcha.
Sweetheart Smoothie: Apple, strawberry, raspberry, and cinnamon
Acai Smoothie: Acai, banana, pineapple, greens
Heck Yeah Smoothie: Banana, coconut milk, and seasonal fruit(peach, fig, or mango), swirled with peanut butter
Freak Smoothie: Vanilla apple strawberry smoothie bedazzled over the top with house nut butter, coconut cream, and whatever plant based treats the kitchen can dream up.

Fall Toasty: Two slices of whole wheat toast layered with creamy peanut butter and pear, spiced for optimal hygge.
Avocado Toast Part 1: Two slices of sourdough toast with butter, seasoned avocado, topped with overeasy egg.
Avocado Toast Part 2: Two slices of rye toast with butter, seasoned avocado, topped with cucumber, sprouts, and sunflower seeds.

Are you like, "Yeah, right, Heather.  I can make my own toast"?  Or are you gonna head over to my fictional restaurant?  This post is weird.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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