Hello 2018

On January 1, 2018, I went through The Blergh Instagram and removed 69 photos.  I left photos that advertised Blergh posts, photos with what I was reading at the time, and my top nine highest liked photos.  Mostly, I did this because I had more posts than I did Instagram followers, which just didn't feel right.  I also hoped to enhance the quality of my feed, or something like that.  Going through all the posts gave me an opportunity to reminisce about 2017 and regroup my inspiration and direction with The Blergh.

Haha, right.  Like The Blergh has a "direction".

No, really!

If you hadn't already come to the conclusion, the photos on this post are the ones I took down from The Blergh.  They're in order from most recent to oldest.

I'm sentimental.  I couldn't just banish these photos from the internet, never to be seen again.  For me, they're each a great little memory.

In 2017, I developed a much more positive relationship with food, with myself, all that good stuff.  So I guess the The Blergh does have a direction:  Spread positivity.

Spread positivity to my... three? readers.

The climb to the top is uneven, laced with pointed rocks and snarling beasts, but I'm going to crawl my way there, garnit.

On that note, I'm giving the "subscribe by email" thing another.  Last time I tried it, nobody who subscribed got a single email.  I tried a different app for it, but the app put clickbait on The Blergh!  (Shaggy voice)Like, no way, man!  But we're giving this program a shot.
I promise I won't spam you or give you a virus when you subscribe.  I'm just a kid with a blog.

Also, I am proud to announce the launch of The Blergh Facebook page!  You can see what I post on Instagram and to receive notifications for new posts.

Maybe in two years I'll look back on The Blergh and blush and mutter and tell myself, "I can't BELIEVE you put this JUNK on the INTERNET."  But right now, I feel pretty good about it.

Getting photos to stay in the right place on this blog is no small feat, y'all.


World peace and love,

Heather <3

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