DIY Calendar (Deja Vu?)

Happy 2018!  Unlike 2015 me, 2018 me followed through with the whole DIY calendar thing (No worries, 2015 me, you did good.  Stay chill).

Apart from ensuring that you get a good page for your birthday month, this calendar is cheap, easy, fun, and unique, plus it goes together fast!

six pieces of blank paper
a pencil
a ruler
pens/other decorating devices
something to hang it with (whatever floats your boat)

On the first sheet, sketch a grid with 7 columns and 5 rows.  The boxes should be about 1x1 inch (maybe someday The Blergh will convert to Metric).

Write in your information.  Above the first row, pencil in the days of the week; number the days in each of the boxes.  Make sure you start on the right day of the week and include the right number of days!  Erase the extra boxes/lines.
Wherever you see fit, sketch the name of the month- I did mine beneath the grid.

Add some doodles or decorations as you like.  I tried to theme mine for the month, based on season, holidays, events, or just the vibe of the month(you know how October has a uniquely October scent?).

I went over everything in colored pen, using the pens I got for Christmas.  :D But the art part of this arts and crafts session is up to you, so you do you.

Add in the month's events and reminders!

When you're done with that month, flip the page over and start on the next month.  Continue for the rest of the months of the year.  There are two months this year where you need 6 rows instead of 5, I think.

To present mine, I clipped it to a board using clothespins.  This lets me easily change the pages throughout the year.  There are tons of possibilities, so do what suits you!

Currently, I am cozied up in a bed, supported by a plethora of pillows and draped in layers of blankets, ensconced in a big fuzzy 80's-style sweater with matching fuzzy hot pink socks, listening to weird music I've never heard before.  Outside is torrential and inside, my Himalayan salt lamp flickers for the first time.  I'm telling you all this because these are very good feelings and I'm sending them to you, my three(probably two at this point haha) readers.
World peace and love,


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