Artist and Storyteller Emma(lie) Grondue

Hippies and gentlemen, may I present to you Emma: She displays all kinds of awesome aesthetics: on her blog, art Instagram, art site, and Tumblr.  Her content inspires me to look for art around me.  (Also, her Tumblr soothes the dog-lover's soul.)

Starting with the important stuff: unicorn or pegasus?
Unicorn, but mainly for aesthetic purposes.

When and why did you start your blog?  Your Insta?  Your Tumblr?
Uhhh I started my stuff a time ago... the first post on my blogspot blog was Feb. 29 2016; I started my art Instagram on Nov. 4, 2017; Tumblr... idk for sure, but I definitely remember that when I started actively using it, the inappropriate audition memes and the blue and gold dress were blowing up on the internet (so basically the 7th grade Savannah trip) (also I've since made a new tumblr account)

Where do you find inspiration?
I don't as much find inspiration as much as it finds me, which sounds cliche but it's true!

What is your go-to art medium?  What supplies do you recommend?
My go to art medium is pencils and lined paper, but that's mainly because it's convenient.  I do love watercolor and acrylic though.  I love prismacolor pencils because they're waxy and blend nicely.  Muji pens aren't really a standard "art tool" or anything but they write really well and are popular with people who use bullet journals.

How do you choose what to draw/write about?
When I get an idea I try to write it down or repeat it over and over again in my head so I'll remember it, but the ideas I'll actually use are the ones I'll keep thinking about without an effort to try to 
remember it.
I usually draw things I like or things that I'm interested in (which is bad because I need to branch out and strengthen my weaknesses), or for writing and drawing I'll have a clear idea of the feeling, plot or look of something I want to create and try to make stuff up based off that.

Where do you go to draw/write?
I write wherever I can sit with my computer (which is now only near a plug bc my personal chromebook can't hold a charge anymore).

What about your blog do you want your audience to focus on?
I don't know what I want my audience to focus on hahah.  I do know that I don't want them to focus on the fact that I haven't posted in 2ish months.  //crying face//

What's something your followers don't know about you?
Lol I'm kinda of an over-sharer which is dangerous on the internets but I guess no one knows that my chromebook can't hold a charge (which I should probably tell my parents).  Also I got super into KonMari but I don't remember if I ever went into that weird obsessive phase where I tell everyone I know about That Thing (TM) I'm super into at the moment.  So yeah

What goals do you have for your blog?
My goal this year for my blog is write more and be consistent because I get bored/discouraged/in a slump easily and I need to stick with things I start or I'll never get anything done

What advice would you give someone who wants to improve their art?
If you want to improve your art, then draw all the time!  I recently was reminded of this good advice too: draw from life more than from other art.  This applies to writing as well.  You have to understand how things look/act like in real life before you can apply your style to it.
With writing, there's a lot of tropes and cliches you can get stuck in and that's because when you write, you tend to draw from the content you've been exposed to.  This isn't necessarily bad, but you can create fresh and more realistic work by drawing from real life.

Who is the coolest superhero and why?
The coolest superhero is Peggy Carter because she wasn't a superhero, but just a "regular" badass who influenced super-superheroes.

A super special thanks to Emma for letting me interview her (and for letting me force her to read The Blergh)!  To my other two-ish readers, check out her accounts linked at the top of this post.  You'll be glad you did. 

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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