Four Simple Ways to Make a Gift More Meaningful

What do you do when you have to include a Christmas present for Uncle Charlie, who's almost deaf, allergic to dogs, and doesn't eat chocolate?  What about that guy in your office(whoa, office. adulty) who you're sort of friends with but not really friends with but now he got you a Hannukah present so you have to get one for him, too, to maintain some kind of social decency?

This is not a gift guide- this is for when the gift guide fails you.

Four Simple Ways to Make a Gift More Meaningful 

1) Painted gift tags
If you read the post about drawing/painting music and you did it, you, like me, might have had a lot of fun streaking graphite or dabbling acrylics across a page to the beat of your favorite song.  But you, like me, might now be stuck with a page filled with confusion and color and... "modern art" ... and asking yourself, "What am I going to do with this?"
Take some scissors.  Especially fun, crimpy crafty ones.
Cut that paper into cute little squares.
Take a sharpie and write "TO" and "FROM" as artfully as you can on the little squares.  Then fill in the names and attach them to gifts with tape, stickers, bows, whatever your little heart desires.
Bonus points: Hole punch the corner of the tags, thread a ribbon through the hole, and tie them around the gift in a nice little bow.
You don't have to tell anyone, "These tags are scraps of paper from a painting I did because of some kid's blog!"  The tags simply add a more human, personal touch to a gift.
(I especially recommend doing this with watercolor paintings- colors blurred together so dreamlike, not loud enough to take away from the rest of the gift, just soft enough to add that extra something.)

2) Throw in a photo
Tuck a glossy print of a photo of you and the recipient into a the folds of tissue paper or wrapping paper.  Regardless whether or not the recipient is super close to you, this shows them that you appreciate them.

3) Add a handwritten note
Get cheesy.  It doesn't have to be a long, wordy letter.  Tell the recipient of the gift why you're thankful for them, or "remember when ...?, or simply express that you hope they have a happy holiday.  This shows the person that you really value them.

4) Comic strip wrap
Save a Sunday newspaper and use the comics section in place of normal wrapping paper.  This is best for gifts for the artsy type, those into retro. 
Bonus points: The recipient of the gift obsessively watches Riverdale, so you make sure the Archie comic strip is front and center.

Have a very happy holidays, regardless of what holidays you're having, and don't forget to write your thank you notes.  World peace and love,
Heather <3

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