Italian December Moodboard

When I was in third grade, my family splurged on a trip to Italy over the Christmas holiday.  We spent a week in Rome and a week in Florence.  I was not quite old enough to appreciate it at the time, but the experiences made imprints in my memories.

Because we were going to be away from home for Christmas, my parents let me open one Christmas present before we left.  I opened a little green box from my aunt.  It was my first iPod, a snazzy little hot pink Nano and a ten-year-old Heather's dream come true.

Dazzled by my new ability to listen to music at any time, I kept my earbuds firmly in my ears for at least half the trip.  As a result, any memory of Italy is tied to the first songs I put on my iPod- two Beatles albums, a Muse album, and just one Fratellis song because my siblings warned me against listening to the Fratellis but I was a rebellious kiddo.

For whatever reason, these past few months have brought back waves of memories from the Italy trip.  I tried to take photos to replicate the aesthetic.  The photos here are not quite it, probably because I took most of them in South Carolina- my memories include more hats crocheted by my sister, graffiti on closed garage doors on mornings when you can see your breath, squishy rain ponchos on buses.  They're not high-quality photos, they're not edited, but all together they make a pretty cool mood board.

Aesthetic: Rome and Florence in December

Girl  The Beatles
In My Life  The Beatles
Vince the Loveable Stoner  The Fratellis
Her Majesty The Beatles
Polythene Pam The Beatles

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