Feeding the Aesthetic

I devote at least a few minutes each day to "networking".  "Networking" is the word I use, because "scrolling through Instagram" doesn't sound very professional.

Since I started The Blergh's Instagram account @theblerghblog this past January, I've learned that I can't just sit there, throwing photos of smoothies into the depths of the web and expect anyone to see them.  I have to put myself out there, say hi to everyone who takes photos of smoothies.  So I thumb through the tab on Instagram that shows me pictures from people I don't follow, and when something catches my eye, I like it or comment on it like a good patron of the 'Gram.  This has two effects: first, someone knows that their posts are appreciated; second, @theblerghblog is out there and, therefore, The Blergh is out there.  Networking!
Gaining notice is an upward climb, but I'm making progress.  A number of "followers" is not my goal, anywho.

The Instagram accounts I follow are a huge source of inspiration.  I find ideas I want to try, and sometimes I find really good recipes.  Besides that, there's something to say for the aesthetic that a good feed of photos creates.  The following are some of my favorite accounts for foodie and artsy inspiration.

Andy's page was what originally got me interested in plant-based food.  Her jaw-dropping photos of nice cream bowls and candid shots of her sons enjoying those nice cream bowls amidst the jungles and beaches of Hawai'i, Andy's account makes me want to wander underneath the sunshine with a mango in hand.
Inspired by @earthyandy

Simple wanderlust.

An account of two dogs, which will make you smile.
Earthquake <3 (not one of the Blueboys.  But I love him so here's a photo.)


I love Cherie's upbeat attitude, my whole family loves her granola and pancake recipes, and her videos are so soothing that, for a period of time in January-February, I watched a few every morning to get me in a good mindset for the day.
Thrivingonplants YouTube

I'm obsessed.  All of Lin's accounts are fantastic.  The Instagram tag above is stocked with chocolate and peanut butter-filled breakfasts that are works of art- find the recipes on her blog(listed below).  She also has a non-food photography account and, for a mix of both, an aesthetic tumblr (both listed below).  It's the kind of stuff that makes you see art in everything.  But what inspires me the most in all of Lin's content is her writing.  She writes beautifully, elegantly, longingly, scattered with similes and descriptions that induce sunlit nostalgia.  Just thinking about it, I try to emulate it.
Blog: www.sofinewasthemorning.squarespace.com
Art account: @sofinewasthemorning
Tumblr: www.gingerandcocoa.tumblr.com
Inspired by @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie

The intention of this post was not to tell the world that I spend my life drooling into my phone screen, or to suggest that my readers do the same.  These accounts are simply the ones that motivate me.  When photos from these accounts show up in my feed, they inspire me to create and to make art out of everything.

World peace and love,
Heather <3

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