DIY Spooky Bottles

I'm regimented when it comes to seasons.  This year, Fall started Friday, September 22 and not a moment sooner.  Winter, similarly, will begin on December 21st, but until the clock ticks 12:01 am on that day, everything is orange leaves and crisp apples.  And Halloween season begins on October 1st- that's today!

Today, the clouds have positioned themselves comfortably overhead and are happily raining down on my town.  Meanwhile, I have been celebrating the Spooky Season by baking pumpkin bread and bedazzling the house with all things creepy, crawly and cute.

These bottles are incredibly easy to make.  You can personalize them to what you have available and what kind of style you're feeling.

Start with a clean, empty glass bottle.

Wrap a piece of construction paper lengthwise around the bottle.  Sketch in pencil around where the paper hits the neck, and also mark where it overlaps.  Then, trim the paper along the sketched line.

Draw your design.  I found a bunch of cute Halloween slogans(for lack of better word) on Pinterest.  One of my favorites is "trick or treat yo'self."  I sketched out the words in pencil first, along with a few simple embellishments.  Then, I went over everything in Sharpie.
Make sure to keep your design within where you marked the overlap.

Once you've drawn the design, wrap the paper back around the bottle.  Use double-sided tape(or, if you're like me, just roll the tape into a circle) and tape the ends of the paper together where they overlap.

Fill your bottle with things!  I used some weird stuff.  For the "trick or treat yo'self" one, I used a pen with a flower topper and a wooden spoon that my friend painted for me.  For my "witch's brew", I had some fake straw thingies, a feather pen, and some plastic skull rings.  Basically, whatever you think looks cool.

I feel like my explanation isn't very clear, and since I made these last year on a whim, I don't have photos of the process.  But it's not like there's that much of a process to it.  I trust you'll be able to wrap a piece of paper around a bottle.

Anywho, the bottles look really cute and they're very versatile.  Feeling sassy?  Write "witch, please."  Need something to accompany layers of cobwebs?  Draw a skull and crossbones.  Fill it with pencils for a desk decoration, or skewers for a party.

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World peace and love,

Heather <3

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