Hurricane Irma Diaries- Pt. 2

Sunday afternoon

It's raining, there are tornado warnings scattered about, and it's gray like London- but cuddled up here in a house within fortresses of mangroves, it's downright cozy.  Of course, right now we're in the edges of the storm.  The real "hurricane" part isn't supposed to start until the part of tonight that is so late it's considered tomorrow morning.

After checking that there wasn't lightning striking nearby, my mom, aunt, and I went swimming before breakfast.  What punks! Swimming in a hurricane!  (It was almost drizzling.  But we'll tell our family and friends that we were in the eyewall.)

Wednesday afternoon

Okay, kids.  I have to be brief because I'm sitting in Publix and I have homework to do. 

Sunday was really fun: We cuddled up, safe inside amidst gray weather, and watched The Fifth Element.  The power started flickering as we were enjoying my mom's spaghetti, and it went out for good while I was showering later that night.  For the rest of the night, we traded Oreos, mini key lime cheesecakes, and nice cream around the table amidst candlelight, Apples to Apples, and (Hello Kitty-themed) Uno.  The wind gradually grew stronger and stronger.

By the time we went to bed, silhouettes of oak trees were bending against the wind.  My eyes kept falling closed, only to snap open again when the wind roared with a new strength or a branch snapped.

In the morning, we had no power or water, but we were a-okay, and definitely lucky.  Since the refrigerator wasn't on, we didn't want to open it and let the cold air out, so my mom, aunt, and I had peanut butter sandwiches for breakfast, then set to work with cleanup.  Our yard was carpeted with tiny leaves and whole tree limbs alike.  The same greenery soaked in our pool.

Last year, when the hurricane struck, I set to cleanup with the most negative feelings possible.  This year, I refused be grouchy about it.  I braided my hair, poked a fallen flower into it, and spent the morning outdoors in the cool post-hurricane breeze.  What was really exciting was walking out to the pond in the back yard and finding that the bridge that had once crossed the pond was now split in the middle.  The walkway remained straight and erect on the opposite side of the pond, but on our side, it jutted diagonal, towards the neighbors' property.  I felt kind of rebellious running out onto it.

This tree looks like a hand reaching out.  Raaah.

My aunt and the family that was staying with us went home shortly after (not without helping clean up first!), so it's just me and my parents and Earthquake now.  Speaking of which, it's Earthquake's birthday!

About a week ago, my parents and I watched a movie starring Viggo Mortensen, the guy who played Aragorn.  I won't transcribe the whole synopsis, but basically there are some really cool dudes living in the woods, you know, doing their own thing, thriving off the wilderness.  That's how I feel.  Although our generator is powering our lights and a little portable fan, we have no A/C or water, so we spend a lot of time outside, and we splash in the pool instead of running a faucet.  Having to fill an entire bucketful of water and bring it inside to flush a toilet really makes me think about our water usage.

No school until this coming Monday- probably no electricity for me and my family until then, either.  We do have free unlimited data, and a lot of other suburban privileges, but I'm pretending we're living completely off the land.

This post was probably incredible boring, but I like to follow through with things, and Pt. 1 is a loose end with a Pt. 2.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

P.S. The movie is called Captain Fantastic.  It's on Amazon, I think.  Watch it.  It's fantastic.

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