Hurricane Irma Diaries- Pt. 1

Saturday Night
On Wednesday morning, rumors buzzed in the school hallways like a swarm of bees, and by Wednesday afternoon, a teacher confirmed the rumors: due to Hurricane Irma, school would be closed from Thursday to the following Tuesday.  We took our textbooks out of our lockers, wrapped them in plastic bags, and stacked them on desks where they would stay dry.  Then we booked it home.  It was sunny and still, any menace of a Category 4 storm far in the distance.

Thursday, Friday, and most of today, I helped my family prepare for our house for the storm.  We're having a party- my aunt made a last-minute two-hour drive to our house after the weather report predicted the storm making a beeline for her house; some family friends (including a dog and two cats) who also joined us last year during Hurricane Matthew are back for more; and tomorrow, my friend since kindergarten and her family, miniature chihuahua included, might come over.  Stephanie Abrams from The Weather Channel is invited.

We spent most of the afternoon lounging in the living room with the Weather Channel on before us, talking with the members of our little hurricane party.  My mom made an awesome pesto pasta for dinner.  The family friends brought homemade mini key lime cheesecakes.  There is no shortage of provisions or good cheer- grateful for that fact, and grateful that I can be in my home surrounded by people I love.  I'm also thankful for Irma dropping her wind speed, shifting to the west a bit.  I desperately feel as though I need to say something for the islands that were ravaged in the past few days, or just the past few hours, but I don't know what I can say- I'm helpless to help them, but at the very least I keep the islands in my heart.

It's been gray all day, but the storms started around one in the afternoon, then steadily increased.  As I write, the silhouettes of trees outside my window bend in the wind, but it's nothing more than Florida summer thunderstorm weather so far.  Right now, we're watching the Clemson vs. Auburn game on T.V.(GO TIGERS) and munching on mini key lime cheesecakes.

I have a lot of silly things to say regarding the Hurricane, but I'll wait until we've withstood it before I get cocky.

On another note: this groovy blog just got redecorated and it's even snazzier than before.  Go.

Stick around, I'll write tomorrow.

World peace and love,


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