How Many Times Is the Word "Writing" in This Post?

Some writers have characters inside their heads that burn to get out.  Some writers have stories inside their heads that need to be told.  Some writers are forced to write by a restlessness that trails them everywhere until they bleed their inspiration in ink.

I just have words.  Clumsy clumps of adjectives linked together like proteins and polypeptide chains; phrases of vague, foggy prose.

Some writers, some brilliant storytellers, care nothing for the worldly rewards of their work.  For me, a lot glamour of writing is the achievement.  The merit of having a novel, having produced something so tangible, piques my interest.  That's not to say I don't have a passion for the written word.  I'm inspired at every turn, but the fear that I'm writing for all the "wrong reasons" mutes my motivation.

No stories haunt me in my mind's eye.  When I tell myself I have a well-developed character who is on a journey, that well-developed character is essentially Hugh Grant, and he's been standing in an empty house for a week because I don't have time to write him out of it.  But ambition obligates me to keep writing.

The hardest part is time- I put the bulk of my time and effort into schoolwork, school events, school practices.  Then there are dance and music lessons and practices, and between that the golden moments snapped with family and friends to catch our breath.  All wonderful, worthwhile times.  I wouldn't have it any other way.  Still, I'm determined to fit writing in.

So I write a little bit every day.  Just a sentence, at the least.  I'm going to get Hugh Grant out of that house and into the world, but first, I'm going to meld him into someone other than Hugh Grant.

Savo 'lass a lalaith,

Heather <3


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