Making Friends Make Food With Me

Originally titled, "How I Forced My Friends to Eat Smoothies."

Never mind the bollocks, where's the recipe?  Scroll to the bottom of the post.

Under the circumstances of a fantasy from a previous post, I invited two friends over.  They have requested to be called A and Heather(preferably with a link to her Instagram).  I've wanted to cook with my friends ever since reading a So Fine Was the Morning post about it.  A and Heather were the victims of my enthusiasm.

I don't pretend to be a great cook.  I will credit myself with the ability to put things in a blender and have them turn out good, but the great cooked meals that I have played a part in were mostly my mom or dad commanding the actual cooking while I snapped green beans or measured flour.  And, of course, I've fried an egg or whisked pancake batter in the late mornings after sleepovers.

Burrito bowls are the one dish I have made completely on my own without disaster(ask me about the time I made mac n cheese when I was 10), so I was relieved when my friends agreed on them as our dinner plan.

Rain dripped against a grumbly sky outside.  Heather stirred onions, patiently awaiting caramelization.  A fluffed and seasoned rice.  I darted around the kitchen, snapping low-quality photos, and Whitesnake blared in the background.

Two very close calls occurred, which thankfully my friends averted- the first being that the papery produce I was chopping was not an onion but was, in fact, garlic.  How did I not notice???  The second was when I set out yogurt with no doubt in my mind that it was sour cream to top the bowls with.  In my defense, their containers are similar.

Dessert: no-bake cookies.  Eyes on the recipe my sister sent me, A and I measured ingredients and plopped those ingredients into a pot.  Heather stirred the mix as it bubbled like a witch's brew.  Then, whilst I busied myself with a little more cleanup, A and Heather dolloped the witch's brew in cookie-sized puddles onto a tray.

A quote overheard: "It looks like poo." Resemblance to feces aside, lots of finger-licking ensued.
When we returned to the cookies maybe a half hour later, our general opinion was that they still looked like poo.  Regardless, we piled them with ice cream and cozied up in a dreamlike pile of pillows and blankets, the movie Practical Magic flickering on the TV before us.  The cookies tasted a lot better than poo.  This is such a mature, professional blog.

I'm an early riser, so I was up for two hours before I dragged my sleepy friends out of bed for round three: smoothie bowls.  At that point, I'm sure they were tired of being shoved around the kitchen, but they were good sports about it. 

Monkeywrench- A doesn't like bananas.  Bananas are the main ingredient in almost all smoothies I make(they give body to the other flavors).  I assured her you couldn't taste them and hoped it would be true.  Heather commanded the Nutribullet whilst we blended a chocolate smoothie, and then a peanut butter smoothie.

Assembling the smoothie bowls was really fun.  A is an artist, so under her suggestion we swirled the two flavors of smoothie with a toothpick once they were in the bowls.  They looked really pretty that way, especially with granola, berries, shreds of coconut, and crushed pistachios painstakingly arranged on the surfaces.

It was fun to sit down alongside my friends to a meal that we made ourselves- finally, after the prepping and the cooking, the designing and the photo shoot and the mission for the right Snapchat stickers, we could taste our handiwork.  I learned that Heather is the brave one that likes arugula.  She is really good at avocado-cutting.  A just really likes cheese.  She knew when to add a dash of vanilla or more peanut butter. 
I was a little bit stressed about having my friends at work in the kitchen- there are many sharp edges and scorching surfaces with which to injure oneself upon, and even though they are responsible, level-minded people(sometimes), what if something were to happen?  But they showed me I had nothing to worry about.
I encourage y'all to drag your friends into the kitchen with you.  Even if you have no idea what you're doing (just don't get hurt/poison anyone).  Be flexible, improvise.  Make good food and have good fun with it.

Never mind the bollocks, here's the recipe. 
This is less of a recipe and more of general suggestions, as you can customize the burrito bowls to your desire.
Burrito bowl example:
Tortilla- toast, then press into the bowl.
Leafy greens- we used spinach and arugula- layer over top of the tortilla.
Rice- cook, fluff with cumin, and scoop into center of bowl, over top the greens.  About two scoops with a serving spoon is the right amount.
Black beans- caramelize onions in a pot with olive oil, then add the black beans and a dash of cumin.  Once hot, scoop over rice.  Again, about two scoops.
Corn- we used the frozen kind.  Heat, then add to the bowl as you see fit.
Tomatoes/salsa- Add as you see fit.
Avocado- Add as you see fit.
Cheese- Not necessary as long as you use sauce(see below).  However, a dollop of sour cream is good on top, and my friends liked cheddar cheese on top, too.
Sauce- See recipe below for an avocado-mango sauce.  Drizzle on top.  I would use either the sauce or the cheese, not both.
Garnish- A leaf of cilantro or a lime wedge works to bring the bowl together.

Avocado-mango sauce
1/8 avocado
1/2 cup mango-fresh or frozen doesn't matter
~6 cilantro leaves, chopped
 ~1/4 cup water
Blend, and add more water if necessary.  A splash of lime juice wouldn't hurt either.
It looks gross in a jar, but pretty when drizzled atop a burrito bowl(and other foods too).  It adds a nice burst of sunshine flavor.

I felt like I was saying goodbye to an old friend as I changed The Blergh design: the background, the fonts, even the size of the posts... In some attempt to cling on to the former design, I kept some pink tones.  It took a lot of tries before I got the look I wanted- in fact, for a majority of the time I was changing the settings, The Blergh was a pastel blue, which didn't suit the theme.  I was apprehensive to go with white, for fear of a desolate appearance, but I like how this turned out, a lot.  Cheers.

World peace and love,
Heather <3

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