Drawing Music

Summer assumes its form: The morning is gentle, blue and white and yellow light melted together in spots through screened windows.  The day grows brighter, rich with humidity and cicada song, heat that scorches bare feet.  By afternoon, thunderstorms tumble in to scatter fistfuls of rain onto parched lawns.

That's the time when I like to draw.

The song "Yer Blues" by The Beatles is pretty groovy.  I used to hate it, but I listened to it again recently and I totally dig it.  When I listen to it, I see red bricks, scraped hands, simple blazes of yellow paint on the sidewalk, the heat of afternoon sun.  The Janis Joplin I'm listening to right now shows me brambles and the dusty earth beneath them(It's apparent that I've been into hippie music recently!)  Does music do this to y'all, too?  Give you scenes and colors in your mind's eye?

It's those scenes that I draw while the sky storms.  I have a cozy set-up: In the back room of my house, facing the windows, tucked into a canvas chair, draped in a blanket.  A sketchbook in my lap; lead and colored pencils arranged on the floor next to the chair on one side; on the other side, my iPod, with its volume up.

It's also fun to do on an airplane.

With each song, I sketch out a different idea.  This exercise doesn't exactly produce great works of art that I would plaster on the internet and throw into the faces of alarmed passers-by(not that I do that anyway), but it's super fun.  It's a good way to break free from the "I want to draw but I don't know what I want to draw" laze, because you don't have to draw something specific, and if you end up with something you're not into, you only have to work on it until the song changes.  Often, I end up with fat streaks of color or slow, loping spirals because that's what the song puts in my head.  You know, the kind of art you see and say, "my three-year-old could do that!"

But, hey, it's fun.

Ready to wake up your creativity?  This exercise will dump a bucket of ice water on your creativity's head.  But in a good way.  So put on some jams and put your mind's eye on paper.

The edge of some of these music doodles, and mostly Earthquake

On another note, the balcony garden is flourishing.  I could give myself a pat on the back, but I think the reason to its success is simply nature and the proliferation of rain on humid summer days.

World peace and love,
Heather <3

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