A Gray Day in Which I Make Some Food(+PEANUT BUTTER RECIPE!)

The other day I had cereal for lunch.

Well, isn't that a boring way to start a blog post.

Yes, there's actually cereal in there somewhere!
"Never mind the bollocks, where's the recipe?": Skip to the bottom of the post for the peanut butter recipe!

It was a grizzly, gray morning.  Superficial clouds hung over the house, only teasing to rain.  It was just what I had hoped for.

I had everything laid out in my head.  I had the concept sketch, the recipes, even the outfit I wanted to wear for the first rainy day of my summer vacation.  So I donned my sweater, pink jean shorts, and knee-high socks(the same ones from this post), and embarked on my quest.  My quest was: a bowl of homemade granola, strawberries, thin slices of pear, a scoop of homemade, safely edible cookie dough, and ribbons of homemade peanut butter.
Bottom right.

Step 1: The peanut butter.
Note: If you want to go straight to the recipe, scroll to the bottom of this post.
I started with a jar of roasted peanuts, emptied the contents into the food processor, and whirred.  It got to paste consistency pretty quickly with just the nuts, but I added the teensiest bit of vegetable oil and maple syrup to give it that extra boost.  The ideas for these ingredients were drawn from the Skippy peanut butter ingredients, but I tried to use the allegedly "healthier" ingredients.  The result is thick, it is rich, it tastes like sparkles and unicorn magic.
An entry into the journal:
It's soooo good!  I may have boasted it about it a little on social media.  I may have licked the spatula clean. 

Step 2: The granola.
I used the ThrivingOnPlants granola recipe, but I left out the buckwheat and the matcha.
My parents stepped out to run errands, leaving behind, me, Earthquake(doggy<3) and the oven. 
An entry into the journal:

While home alone, I tried singing The Who, AC/DC, and Led Zepellin.  I had to make a tea to soothe my throat.  I then put on music from my iPod.  The Beach Boys was the first to come on.
Earthquake, unenthusiastic about my singing
Cherie of ThrivingOnPlants is Australian, which I almost forgot when I set the oven to 180 degrees.  Luckily, I remembered pretty soon that the 180 was for Celsius, and after a bit of paranoia that wait, maybe ovens use Celsius (at which point I texted my mom, and she made fun of me for thinking that), I adjusted the oven temperature to 356 degrees.  Fahrenheit.
Mixing the granola was strangely relaxing. 
An entry into the journal:
Happiness is a Warm Gun is playing and the house smells like pancakes.  I spread the granola on the tray.  The oven is not heated up yet.  Time to start the cookie dough.
Oh, dear.  The cookie dough recipe calls for rolled oats.  Which I used the last of in the granola.  I am not deterred.

At some point between then and when I started the cookie dough- probably while I was taking some of the gazillion photos- the oven reached 356 degree.  I slid the granola in and set the timer for 11 minutes, right between the 10 and 12 that the recipe suggests.

Step 3: The cookie dough.
I started with the cookie dough recipe from So Fine Was the Morning.  This is cookie dough to be consumed, not baked.  Because her recipe is plant-based, there are no worries about eating raw eggs, although I have never let those concerns hold me back in the past.  I was, however, lacking some of the ingredients that the recipe calls for, so it really is a good thing that this cookie dough won't be baked.  As mentioned above, I left out the rolled oats, and I also left out the silken tofu.
I gathered these ingredients into my food processor a little apprehensively.  The oats and tofu seemed like they were probably major ingredients, and I hoped that in leaving them out I was not setting up for disaster.
(I was also a little nervous because, when I washed the food processor in between making the peanut butter and the cookie dough, I thought I broke part of it.  Thankfully, it turned out that I hadn't.)
An entry into the journal:
Just when I start pouring the maple syrup, the timer goes for the granola.  A great song comes on.  Henrietta by the Fratellis.
Pehaps I should have compensated somehow for the oats, but I don't like to dwell on "should haves".
I  tasted it[the cookie dough] before I added the chocolate and almond milk.  I decided I needed more vanilla extract.  I know that too much vanilla is a dangerous thing, but I used just a drop.  Then the chocolate chips and almond milk.  The cookie dough is finished.  It is lovely.  I venture to call it cookie butter, but a chocolate-y, vanilla-y kind, rather than the Speculoos cookie butter.  The chickpeas give it a silky consistency characteristic of hummus.  I fill 2 jars with the stuff, pop 'em in the fridge while I cut the fruit.
An entry into the journal:
It is time.  Time to assemble my creation.

Step 4: The bowl.
Perhaps the whole "it is time" thing is a little melodramatic.  But you can understand my excitement, right?

I didn't have pear like what was in my drawing, so I instead sliced an apple.  I did have strawberries, bright red, mammoth strawberries.  Once the fruit was sliced, I set up the dining area.  I scooched the coffee table in the TV room around until it was right where I needed it, pulled up Amazon Prime.  Water, tea, napkin, spoon on the coffee table.  Phone right where it needed to be so I could quickly grab it when the time came to photograph.  Almond milk out, shaken.  One jar of cookie dough out of the fridge.  Bowl ready.

It was time for the masterpiece.  Scoop in the granola- fill the bowl about a quarter of the way.  Scoop in the cookie dough.  I used an ice cream scoop to get it nice and circular, but I ended up rolling it in my hands, too.  Add the strawberries, carefully now, they are sliced so thin, gently let them down into the bowl and spread the slices into flowers with my thumb.  Dollop the peanut butter, run it from a strawberry to the cookie dough.  Layer in the slices of apple.  Take lots of pictures.
After taking lots of pictures, I drizzled almond milk into the bowl.  Of course, more photos were to follow.  I ate the beauty while watching SpongeBob as a symbol of the value of contemporary art(or maybe I was just hungry and had been meaning to watch the early episodes of SpongeBob).

I acquired a pear shortly after, so I was able to make the bowl closer to how it was in the artist rendering(okay, the doodle in my school sketchbook).

My family loooves the granola.  I keep it in an airtight container on the kitchen countertop, and every time my dad walks by, he snaps open the container to grab a handful.  Thanks, ThrivingOnPlants!
It's also good on nice cream.

The peanut butter and cookie dough make a delightful spread for toast, although frequently you can find me eating them by the spoonful.  Thanks, SoFineWastheMorning!  Lin of SoFineWastheMorning has an Instagram of that name, as well as another Instagram where she shares her delectable concoctions.  It was this account, @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie, that inspired my toasts.

Never mind the bollocks, here's the recipe:

Unicorn Magic Peanut Butter

16 oz. roasted unsalted peanuts
1 tsp. oil   - I use 1/2 olive oil and 1/2 canola oil.
1/2 tsp. maple syrup or honey  -I use local honey.
sea salt (optional)

Blend the peanuts in the food processor until they form a paste, then add the oil and maple syrup and blend.  Once it's smoothed out, give the peanut butter a taste and, if necessary, add sea salt or more syrup.  I prefer my peanut butter not salty, but if I'm making it for others I'll add a pinch.
Treat yo'self to a spoonful right now.  Keep the rest in an airtight container.

The Blergh may be dominated by food things for a time.  I have at least three food-related posts in the works.  But is that really such a bad thing?

World peace and love,
Heather <3


  1. My sister made chocolate ice cream and now I gotta use this to make peanut butter ice cream

    1. Mmm that sounds so great :P Let me know how it turns out!


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