A Song to Fit Your Every Need

I'm staring at a blank screen.  This is my third time writing this post.

You see, I wrote half the post at one point, but when I went to the file to finish it up, there was nothing there except the file name and the bouncing cursor at the top left-hand corner of the page.

Thinking it was my mistake, I had forgotten to click save or something like that, I set to writing again, this time putting the entire post down.  I made sure I clicked save.  I really did.

Today, I opened up the file to copy the post into The Blergh, and there it was- the same void, white page, the same taunting cursed cursor.  So here I am writing this post again, because I really want to post it today.  This time I'm writing it directly into Blogger, rather than using a word document.  For the time being, I have a distrust of word documents.  At least it wasn't an essay for school.

That being said, I won't rewrite the intro that this post previously had.  Even if the intro did explain my purpose to this post.  No, let's skip straight to good stuff.  No explanations necessary.

Playlist for Your Every Need: A Good Song for Any Situation or Emotion

Late nights:  Burning Our Bed, Alice Cooper

Early mornings:  Bike, Pink Floyd

Cooking:  any song by The Police

Nostalgic:  Girl, The Beatles

Rainy days in rooms with lots of windows to hear and see the rain from:  Every Planet We Reach is Dead, The Gorillaz

Writing:  any song by The Sex Pistols

Rebellious:  LatherJefferson Airplane

The first few weeks of summer:  She's Coming Home, The Zombies

Funky:  Rain Dance Maggie,  The Red Hot Chili Peppers

The squad is on point:  Let's Kill TonightPanic! At the Disco

Beach days:  Baba O'Riley, The Who

Excited:  Busy Doin' Nothin', The Beach Boys

Crafting:  Don't Let Go, Weezer

Road trips:  any song by Fleetwood Mac

Agitated:  Handlebars, Flobots

Feelin' wise:  Bonzo Goes to Bitburg, The Ramones

You look gooood:  Ziggy StardustDavid Bowie

That really weird mood that you can't explain:  Whole Lotta Rosie,  AC/DC

Really angsty (This inspired the whole list.  Use sparingly):  Lithium by Nirvana,  Muse live cover

Reading some kid's Blergh:  any song from the False Priest album, Of Montreal
In this list, a song's content doesn't necessarily match the situation or mood it's paired with, but it has the right feel, y'know?  Give 'em a try.

School's out for the summer!  One of my favorite parts of summer is forgetting what day it is.  Going off of that, I won't be following a schedule for my posts, like I did this past school year.  Instead, I'll post when I have content, whether it's three days in a row or every other week.  Same goes for The Blergh Instagram @theblerghblog, which you should totally follow. 

World peace and love, 
Heather  <3

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