The Balcony Garden

My sister's room is adjacent to a balcony that overlooks my house's deck.  For years the balcony festered in the humidity, becoming one with nature as it was covered with leaves, pollen, and spiderwebs.  Last year, with broom in hand, I boldly creaked open the door, ducked under the long-abandoned cobwebs, and swept through the carpet of musty dead leaves.  I cleaned that balcony up real nice, then set up a series of pots planted with hopeful little seeds.

Hopeful as those seeds were, things didn't go so well.  I either under-watered or over-watered on a daily basis.  Little sprouts poked up out of the soil, but just as quickly, they withered away.

The most successful of my garden-y endeavors was the succulents.  Succulents are built for surviving without much water, so when I finally gave up, one lone succulent lived on.  It even dropped a few buds, one of which took root in an adjacent pot.

On Earth Day, I ventured out onto the balcony again and discovered the two green succulents.  It was high time to rejuvenate the balcony garden.  I scattered some impatien seeds in a few pots and watered them well, then let little drops of water fall into two pots with succulents.

I remember being really excited about my little balcony garden when I started it last year, and I'm pretty psyched about it still.  There's something fantastic about sitting with a guitar, secluded and surrounded by lush greenery, peering out over the world.

Why do I write about this?  My intention was not to bore you to sleep, although that may be what I achieved.  Hopefully, by blogging about the garden, it will remind me to care for the little plants upstairs.

From this point on, I'll give periodic updates on the state of the balcony garden.  Maybe I'll make some decor-y stuff, too.

The last time I watered it was Earth Day... That was Saturday.  I'm writing this on Thursday.  I may have to replant some seeds.

World peace and love,
Heather <3

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