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It's  been longer than usual since I've posted.  The main reason is that I was on a school trip (which was excellent, by the way :D).  The other reason is this:

About once a month, I peak in inspiration, ideas, and motivation.  As far as blogging goes, this is the time when I am able to plan and write posts the best.  Alas, if there is a peak, there is also a canyon (or at least a low point ?).  That's where I am right now.  I'm not sure what brings about these fluctuations in motivation, because they don't occur predictably.  So I'm just going to muddle through this low point, probably by prepping some nice cream for a breakfast this week, and maybe I'll make a vaguely healthy milkshake tonight.  Making healthy food, no matter how vague the healthiness is, tends to increase my motivation for other things.
The Vaguely Healthy Milkshake:
 Banana, milk, chocolate syrup.
Anywho, I have to fulfill a promise.  I vowed that if someone commented on this post, I would post one of the weird, Photoshopped Valentines I sent to my friends last year.  And someone commented (THANK YOU)!  So here it is:

Daesung is in a K-pop band, I think. I don't own that photo of him but I'm not getting money from this so I think it's okay, right?

On another note!  If you've subscribed to The Blergh by email in that little section to the right, you probably haven't gotten any notifications of new posts, even if there have been new posts.  The subscription thingy doesn't work.
There's another program I could put in for subscriptions, but it's kinda sketchy.  I know that if it was me, I wouldn't want to give my info to a sketchy program just to subscribe to some kid's blog, even if it was The Blergh.
You could always follow The Blergh's Instagram @theblerghblog.

I've been thinking about redoing the layout.  It's not that I don't love this layout- I really do.  I love the pink.  I love the stripes.  I love it.  But the fact remains that it's one of the cookie-cutter options that Blogspot offers.  And, while it's wonderful, maybe I need to make The Blergh look a little more unique.  But I won't change it yet.  For now, we'll enjoy the pink.

The Lord of the Rings is so great.  I was watching it last night and I couldn't stop beaming.

My Spanish class wanted to do a play in place of a test for our current chapter, so my friend and I wrote a script.  The play, or at least parts of it, will be filmed and shown to the school(it's a small school, so that's not as weird as it sounds).  In it, I advertise the Blergh.  Can you blame me?

I think my friends like ramble posts like this one, but I doubt that anyone who doesn't know me personally would find this interesting.  In that way, it's a good thing that my only readers are my friends. I have several ideas for big posts with lots of solid content, but they will all take a while to write.

Much love to all of y'all,
Heather <3

P.S. Dom Howard :) someone be in a band with me :)

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