A Day in the Life in Ten Photos

The idea from this post was taken from @Mummyworldrules- a typical day in ten photos.  I pondered this and decided that no day was typical.  Still, I really liked the idea, so I went for it.  And thus I present to you: Monday, March 20th, in ten photos of questionable quality.

Woke up, got out of bed, dragged a comb across my head...
 For me, every school day starts with a quick breakfast while watching AMHQ.  I have come to know the weather forecasters on AMHQ quite well.  During Hurricane Matthew, Jim Cantore came to a beach near us.  We almost drove out to meet him, but ultimately decided the roads were unsafe.

 After breakfast, it's time for normal morning things- brush my teeth.  Wash my face.  Get dressed.  A lot of people my age don't like waking up early for school.  I have no problem getting up early- it's washing my face with cold water that I dread.

My first period class is art.  Our art teacher is usually a few minutes late to class, so my friends and I hang out by the door until she comes.  Drawing and painting with my friends is such a nice way to start the day.

 Because most of my classes are on opposite sides of the campus this year, I don't have a lot of time to go to my locker in between.  Maybe that's how I've managed to keep my locker so neat.  This is just a quick photo I snapped when I stopped by my locker before lunch, so you can't see it here, but the locker is furnished with Marvel memorabilia(courtesy of my friends), a few notepads, and a photo of Legolas.

 After lunch, I have a yearbook class.  Where we make the yearbook(!).  I love being able to make things that people will actually utilize of their own volition (hence The Blergh, although I frequently force people to read, rather than them choosing to).  The first-year yearbook class is made up of six people: me, and five of my friends.  This is why I love going to a small school.

 When the last bell of the school day rings, I head to the library and work on homework for half an hour before going home.  Usually, a few of my friends are there as well.  As we do homework (or watch anime, in their case), we make snide comments characteristic of the freshmen we are.

 At home, I continue to push forward against the barrage of homework.  It's really not as bad as I make it sound.

 Since my sister's visiting, I sit in the middle seat of the car.  I'm not complaining, because I get to sit next to Earthquake. <3

 Monday nights are ballet nights.

As previously mentioned, my sister is home for the week.  Since she's here, we're celebrating her early birthday.  She made and decorated a cake for the occasion, using the traditional family recipe.  Even though it's late, we all have a slice when I get back from dance.

The inspiration I said I had lost is back.  It came back Thursday during history class.  The class conversation had wandered from the Great Depression stock market to the modern-day stock market, and our teacher's experience with such.  My mind had wandered to a different place entirely.  Suddenly I had a recipe idea.  And that idea branched out into many more ideas.  The ideas have become two things: a list in a notebook and my insomnia(while "Light My Fire" by The Doors plays in the back of my mind).  If all goes well, the ideas will soon be posts for you to read.

World peace and love,

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