2-Minute Interval Sketch Exercise

There's a folder on my laptop, under "Pictures", labeled "Weird Stuff I Save Off the Internet".   Despite its name, the contents aren't too bizarre: mostly images related to The Lord of the Rings, Marvel, or music.  The weirdest thing there is probably a creepy gif of Spongebob.  I don't remember where, when, or why I acquired it.

When I want to draw, but can't decide what I want to draw, I turn to this folder and open a picture.  I watch the clock until it turns to a new minute.  Then, armed with only scratch paper and a pencil, I sketch that image for two minutes.  As soon as those two minutes finish up, I slide to the next image and draw that for two minutes.  Then the next.  And repeat for as long as I desire!

When I do this exercise, I usually focus on getting the main gist of the image down, so if someone were to look at the drawing they would have at least some idea of what it was supposed to be.  Most of the pictures I use have humans as the subject, so I end up repeatedly drawing humans in various states of ballet, hard-rock-haze, etc.  It makes me notice things: the way shadows sculpt the structure of a photo; how a person's eyebrows form their expression; where a person's hands hover at their sides, in the air, or along the neck of a guitar.

Granted, two minutes is not exactly time to put a masterpiece down on paper.  The result of the exercise is collage of various half-baked sketches, many of them featuring Matt Bellamy.  I also get a really good drawing practice.

I'm posting about this because it's something that anyone can do, regardless of skill level, time available, resources, etc.  I don't pretend to be great artist, and I'm sure many of my artistic friends would cringe if they looked at these drawings.  But this exercise is simple, it's good practice, and, if you try it, I think you'll find that it's really, really fun.  All you need is a collection of images.  While I use the pictures I have saved on my laptop, it would also be fun to use a picture book, or even someone else's art portfolio!

World peace and love,
Heather <3

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