A Tour of My Bathroom (and Ways to Make YOURS Totally Chill)

My school had a Winter Formal last week, and I had a couple of friends over to hang out and get ready beforehand.  Whilst we were huddled in my bathroom, elbowing each other out of the way for mirror space, one of these friends suggested I do a bathroom tour as a blog post.

I was flattered!  I actually put a lot of effort into decorating and organizing my bathroom.  It's my space of peace and quiet before I enter into the chaotic day of school.  I dance for myself as I brush my teeth, I sing for myself as I brush my hair, and I make faces at myself pretty much any time I can.  I stew over whatever little, insignificant troubles I've managed to kick up in my path, then resolve them as I dutifully apply acne medicine.  Everyone needs some sort of time of alignment in their day- this is mine.

I'm not going to take you on a full tour of my bathroom, because that would be kind of weird ("Here's my shower... here's where I keep the spare toilet paper....").  In this post, you will find aspects of my bathroom that you can replicate to create a chill space for yourself.

Cotton Balls, Makeup Stuff
As I was writing this, I realized that many of the things I chose for this post had to do with bottles and jars.  I love bottles and jars.  So much.  I go crazy in the bottle-and-jar section of Michael's.
I keep cotton balls in a wide-mouthed mason jar.  When I feel I need a splash of color, I tie a thick red ribbon around the jar.  Recently, I've wanted things to be more minimalist, so the ribbon is not there right now (I know.  I way overthink things).
I have a wide-mouthed bottle right next to it, where I keep a few makeup things- a brush, some eyeliners, a lip gloss, and the mascara I most frequently use.  Usually, I don't wear much makeup, but I like to have it readily available if I fancy to wear it(ooh, fancy).

Q-tips, Toothpicks
I use Q-tips and toothpicks for when I'm doing my nails.  Both of their containers are reused and used to hold something else, because who could throw away a good bottle?
The Q-tips are in a bottle that used to hold sprinkles.  There's also a little red ribbon in there.  While we were getting ready for the dance, one of my friends held up the bottle and asked, "Why does your Q-tip bottle have a ribbon in it?"
I stumbled a bit before responding lamely, "I thought it was cute."
I keep the toothpicks in a bottle that used to have hand sanitizer in it.  There are also scraps of pretty thread in the bottle, to make it a little bit artsy.  Because my bathroom appliances are, for the most part, red, I try to stick with red as accent colors in things, but this bottle has blue, too.  I think it's pretty.
Little bottles are perfect for little shelves.  I've also set some little seashells on the shelves alongside the bottles.  Again, "I thought it was cute."

Headbands, Hairbows, etc.
I went through a headband phase back in my elementary school days when I was trying to grow out my bangs.  As a result, I have a plethora of different kinds of headbands.  Although I don't wear them as often nowadays, I still think headbands are cute.
I keep an old coffee can in my headband drawer.  I've stuck one end of every hard headband in, so that they're all fanned around the can, like a... flower?  I guess?  It's an easy way to store and organize the headbands.

I also have an empty Pringles canister in the drawer.  I wrap some of my flexible headbands around it so they don't get tangled.  The inside of the Pringles canister can also be used to hold ribbons or whatever else you may need to store.

Other Hair and Makeup Stuff
For an easy and cute way to store little hairclips and whatnot, flip over big, rounded seashells.  They work great and give instantly add a beachy touch to the room.
Again, gotta love little jars and boxes.  I glean them from packaging like a pack rat, but I swear it's not as gross as that.  I just take the "reuse" part of "reduce, reuse, recycle" really seriously.  So I keep some hairties in a cute little jar, and I have a box for hairbows and a box for miscellaneous makeup stuff.  When I look at this drawer, it still seems to me like it's in disarray, but it's fairly organized as drawers in my house go.

My friend gave this lil' dude to me a few years ago.  I bring him out on the first day of winter every year.  It doesn't snow where I live, but my lil' snowman gets me in the spirit.  His snow is a putty you can shape, then insert his eyes and various appendages and accessories into.  Then he melts and you can do it all over again.
Last year, one of the snowman's eyes went missing.  This is not as tragic as you may think.  I soon learned that a cyclops snowman is pretty darn cute.

Jar, Candles, Tissues
Tissues are self-explanatory.  I accentuate their territory with some lavender-scented candles, and a jar.
I got this particular jar with the intention of making a snow globe.  I realized after I had filled it up and tipped it upside-down that my plans for its creation were flawed.  I shall not delve into that particular story at the moment.  Anywho, I nowadays fill this jar with little things to set the mood of the season.  Since it's winter now, the jar is filled with silver tinsel and red confetti.  For Christmas, I added a tiny little Christmas ornament inside.  During fall, I remove the tinsel and replace it with twine.  The jar's function is simply to add a taste of the season to the room.

Pitcher and Glass
This is pretty self-explanatory, as well.  The pitcher is Dutch- I think we got it from my grandmother.  The glass is from Pier 1 Imports, one of my favorite stores ever.  I fill it with water in the morning, and use it to brush my teeth or just when I'm parched in the middle of the night.  I feel so fancy pouring water into a glass out of a Dutch pitcher.  It reminds me of Vermeer's painting, The Milkmaid.

Obviously, there's more in my bathroom than jars and bottles.  But it wasn't like I was going to write a paragraph describing to you the nature of my retainer cases.  The subjects above are all things you can replicate and add your own touches to in your own room (bathroom or otherwise).  They will add a pop of color and give make the room that "me" space that you crave.

On another note, I've been inspired! (!!!)  Recently, I've been reading the blog So Fine Was the Morning.  Read this girl's posts.  They make you feel like you've just been complimented, and then they're also like poetry.  Thus, I have been motivated to improve the way I write on The Blergh.

Thank you for reading!  And thank you to my friends for suggesting this post.  :)

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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