16 Unconventional Ways to Love Valentine's Day (With or Without a Valentine!)

I love Valentine's Day.

I've mentioned that before, right?  For me, I connect Valentine's Day to elementary school years, when everyone in the class made Valentines for each other with doilies and puffy heart stickers, I connect Valentine's Day to painting my nails pastel pink, I connect Valentine's Day to stuffed animals and little jewelry boxes my mom gave to me and my sister as Valentines gifts years ago- it's just fun.   Last year, I made Valentines for my friends by poorly Photoshopping pictures of their favorite fictional characters onto pink backgrounds, then adding painful pick-up lines (if anyone comments on this, I'll post one).  The year before that, I Photoshopped myself into pictures with Legolas (absolutely no way I'm posting those).
People worry about not spending Valentine's Day with a Valentine, in the conventional, romantic sense.  But Valentine's Day is so much fun, nomatter who you're spending it with.  And don't forget, your Valentine can be a furry friend, a human friend, a parent, or yourself.  Just take the day to get caught up in the floofy, pretty, lovely Valentine's Day spirit.

Here are 16 unconventional ways to celebrate Valentine's Day, regardless of who you're with:

1. Ballentine's Day- Go outside.  Play some ball sports.  Bring a dog and make its day.

2. Balletntine's Day- Put on your floofiest, pinkiest clothes, and dance around the house.  It's fun.

3. Callentine's Day- Muster up the courage to actually talk on the telephone.  Call someone you love, whether you saw them five minutes ago or five years ago.

4. Dalentine's Day- Dal is a delectable Indian lentil dish.  Lentils are very romantic.  Make it yourself or buy Amy's from Publix.

5. Fallentine's Day- Cuddle into your oversized sweater and throw your hair into a messy bun.  Sip a spiced tea or crunch a crisp apple.

6. Gallentine's Day- Have the gall to do something bold.  Join the next peace movement.  Or start it.  If that's too extreme for you, write something in bold Sharpie.  That takes gall, too.

7. Hallentine's Day- Deck the halls with doilies, hearts, and pretty Valentines-y things.

8. Lolentine's Day- Google image "history valentines".  They're hilarious.

9. Mallentine's Day- Treat yourself to a shopping trip.

10. Nailentine's Day- Paint your nails a cheery pink, purple, or red.  Go all-out with it- glitter, the whole shebang.  Paint your whole hand.

11. Palentine's Day- Thank your pals, your buddies, and your Buckies for being your friends by making them Valentine's cards.

12. Quailentine's Day- I don't know much about quails.  Do you?  Learn about quails.

13. Talentine's Day- Take a moment for a little self-love by appreciating your talents.  Whether you have a secret knack for bruleeing creme, or you've recently become able to wiggle your ears, take a second to appreciate how cool that is.

14. Wallentine's Day- Watch Wall-E.  Do wall sits.  Watch Wall-E while doing wall sits.

15. Whalentine's Day- What can you do to help whale conservation?

16. Y'allentine's Day- Do southern things.

This list is weird.  I basically went through the alphabet and figured out what words I could stick in.  But I'm going to give them a try.  It'll be fun.

If you're looking for a yummy (and healthy!) way to love Valentine's Day while you're trying these out, check out the Sweetheart Smoothie.

Wishing you a floofy, pretty, lovely Valentine's Day,
Heather <3


  1. Hey Heather, nice post! I loved the creativity in the 17 different ways, I chuckled at "Y'allentine's Day" lol. I found your blog through the link you sent in the group chat. Keep it up :) Oh, and this is Harrison.

    1. Hey Harrison, thank you! I'm glad you found the post amusing.


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