The Blergh Goes Big

My New Year's Resolution is to go big or go home, in regards to The Blergh.

Around this time last year, my friend and I were jamming, and we wanted to play a song that was pretty hard to sing.  I told her she could change it to make it easier for her to sing, and she said, "Go big or go home."  And she sang that song like a female Matt Bellamy.

I thought, "Dang.  Yeah.  You go, girl."

And I know it's silly, and it's an overused metaphor, but that stuck with me.

So this year, with The Blergh I'm going to go big or go home.  And I'm already at home.  (This is a lie.  I was at school when I wrote this.  But at this point, school is basically my home.)

I planned on going big with The Blergh in two ways.

My plan was that, starting this week, The Blergh would feature ads.  My reason was simple and selfish: to earn money, obviously.  I've been asking a lot from my family lately and I figure, it's time for me to take responsibility for some of it.  However, I like to think that earning money would motivate me to produce the best content I can.

I felt kind of like a sellout for putting them there.  Like I was betraying the punk or something.  Nevertheless, I was going to do it.

So here I was, all pumped and ready to install advertisements on The Blergh, and get paid for having fun, and suddenly I see: you have to be eighteen or older to use the advertising program.  Dearest readers, if I have led you to believe that I am anything more mature than a wacky kid, I have led you astray. And that is why I am not selling out to the system to put ads on The Blergh.  And that is why I will continue to not make money from blogging.

I guess I'll have to get a real job sometime.

I was able to follow through with this one.

theblerghblog is live on Instagram now!  Follow for updates and pretty pictures of good things.

I wish you all the best,
Heather <3

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