5 Mood Boards to Soothe Your Aesthetic-Seeking Soul (or something like that)

 This past summer, I posted about feeling very wanderlust-y, about wanting to go places and see things.  This past fall and winter, my wanderlust was satisfied with several awesome trips.  I'm so thankful for the opportunity to travel, and especially that I got to do so with my family.  I know that sounds cliche, but sometimes you gotta have a little cliche.

I took a lot of photos wherever we went.  On the plane flights homeward, I would look through these photos and sketch them and let my imagination take me back to wherever we had been.

Originally, I was just going to post a photography compilation, but then I thought about the unique sentiments each set of photos inspired.  So... mood boards!!!

(My cheek has been twitching all day.  It's never happened before.  It's weird.)

Granted, these are not quite as elaborate as the mood boards you would see on Pinterest.  I don't know how people make those.  I made these with the photo program on my phone and a little bit of Photoshop and... MS Paint.  These are more like collages, but personally, I think they turned out pretty good.  Each has its own aesthetic.

Austin, Texas
Austin is most famous for its music scene- in fact, when I went there, several of my friends were also in the area for a Taylor Swift concert.  But it's also an eclectic foodie haven, so this Austin mood board is pretty much all food photography.  I'm in love with this bakery there called Quack's.  Plus, Whole Foods- who could say no?

Houston, Texas
Houston is diverse and eccentric.  You can go from rushing down a sidewalk beside a bustling highway to standing within the protection of old, leafy hedges beside a century-old university in literally minutes.

Appleton, Wisconsin
The photos for this are kind of a mismatch, but I like to think that they're all spiced with warmth, just like a winter in a small Wisconsin town would be.  I got a little carried away playing with the editing tools on Photoshop.  It was fun.

El Paso, Texas

El Paso is a desert, so it was interesting to stroll through their botanical gardens.  Although the gardens were not of lush greenery and dewy blooms, it was a whole different kind of beautiful.

Ruidoso, New Mexico
I live in a place where everything under your feet is sand.  I had never seen mud- real mud that you can dig your boots into- before.  Then we went hiking in Ruidoso.  This mood board is dedicated to my love of mud.

Thanks for reading, y'all.  I hope these mood boards at least made you smile- I had a lot of fun making them.

By the way, my mom sand I are starting the next peace movement, if anyone wants to join.

World peace and love,
Heather <3


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