Interview with a Video Game Creator

My parents talk about how, when they were in college, a computer took up a room and they had to wait all night to get a response from it... Now, just a short time later, someone my age can create a world on their computer.

Today I got the chance to interview a totally cool kid by the name of Michael. He's making his own video game!
If you're interested, I definitely recommend checking out this guy's website.

Explain about your video game- what is it? How are you making it?

My game is a clone of a popular game that recently came out called Ravenfield, which is free and created by a single developer, SteelRaven7. So I took the liberty to make what I hope will become a superior version of that game, hopefully as a learning opportunity as well as potentially for monetization later on.

I'm making it using several programs: World Machine 2, Substance Painter 2, Crazybump, Blender, Speedtree, and Unreal Engine 4. *

How much time are you putting into this? What is the process of making it?

I really try to use whatever time I can to work on it. For the most part, I spend- whenever I can, really. This upcoming weekend, I hope to spend an entire day just working on it, 'cause that's fun.

There's a lot of steps, I guess, that are involved. I mean, I do the jobs of a lot of different people. Normal professionals would distribute the work- there would be the artist, there would be the programmer, sound designer- I actually find some of my sounds online, but I do a lot of the art, I do a lot of the programming, so there's really a lot of different steps for each of those work flows.

Where did you learn how to do all of that?

I've been learning for the past few years. I started programming when I was seven, in a language called Fortran, which my dad showed me, but that was really simple. I've been learning Unreal Engine for over a year, but Blender I've been learning since I was eleven.

What's your inspiration?

It's really just the other developer, what he created. It's simple and it runs on most computers really well, and because it's so simple and optimized, it's accessible to a lot of people. A lot of games like that have been popular recently- Unturned, which is the number one free-to-play on Steam, was created by a single developer and he's just got rich off of it, it's been very impressive, and it's been a massive accomplishment for him, so I hope to pursue something like that, but to a higher quality.

And you're documenting all that with a website, right?

I'm using the website to plan out development, as well as give people the opportunity to provide feedback on specific topics of development, and even vote on ideas for different aspects of the game, but for now, I'm working on the preliminary setup. Adding new features is going to be the fun stuff, but that comes in a long time.

One more question... What is your opinion on bees?

I hate them. They're... yeah. No bees.

I mean, they're great. They're fantastic animals that provide for our world, but at the same time, I seem to have a strong phobia of them, so... yeah.

Thank you Michael for letting me interview you, and thank y'all for reading! Again, you should totally check out the website here.

World peace and love,

Heather <3

*I know absolutely nothing about programming, so I apologize if I named stuff wrong.


  1. Existence acknowledged and applauded! :D

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