Five Things I'm Doing in Preparation for Midterms

 Today I took my first two midterm exams as a high schooler. This is gonna sound silly, but I was so excited!

Several things in particular have made my studying a lot more pleasant. Disclaimer: This is just stuff I do. I've only taken two exams so far and one was an art project, so it these things haven't been scientifically proven to make you ace every single test ever, or anything like that. All I can say is that they make my exam preparation more enjoyable!

Also disclaimer: These pictures are kind of low-quality, but I think we can all look past that and see how cute they are.


1. Plan.

Organizing, writing things down, making lists: it relaxes me. Seriously. When I can't sleep, I don't count sheep- I plan things in my head.

I sat down to study last weekend and realized I had no idea where to start. So I wrote up a detailed schedule of the week that was to follow all the way through the last midterm of the semester. I've filled it in, edited it, and adhered to it throughout my classes.

2. Rewrite notes.
When I rewrite my class notes, it helps me to remember everything I learned. I try to clarify the notes so that if I have someone study with me, they understand, and if I later go back to them, I can review with minimal confusion. Having an extra copy of notes is also helpful if you have to turn in something that you wrote on the back of your notes, I found out yesterday.


3. Quizlet.

Quizlet is super helpful for studying vocabulary. On Quizlet, you can input your own terms and definitions, then go through exercises to remember them. I go through the Learn setting to the Spelling setting to the Test setting.


4. Tea.
Rather than going for a caffeine buzz, I've been drinking herbal teas. I especially go for minty ones. Mint is ~festive~.


5. Music.

I don't usually listen to music when I study because it distracts me. However, I have a tradition of listening to villancicos- Spanish Christmas carols- while I'm studying Spanish. I like to think that it gets me in the mindset. My favorite is "Mi Burrito Sabanero".

If you're in exam time, I wish you well.  If you're not, I wish you well as well.
World peace and love!


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