NaNoWriMo 2016: Day 25

Happy Thanksgiving! If you celebrate it, that is. If you don't, happy Thanksgiving anyways! I know I say something like that for every holiday, but who's to say that you can't have a good day even if it's not a holiday?

I myself celebrated a Thanksgiving that couldn't be beat with some amazing people. I could launch into the whole spiel- a complete run through of the day, finished off with an extensive list of what I'm thankful for- or I could just tell you that it was awesome and leave the details to your imagination. I shall do the latter. Maybe I'll post the whole spiel some time, but there are some things where I feel like writing them down for the purpose of posting them online would make them less special, and this is one of those.

Today was spent chilling with the same amazing people, including an "intellectual" Scrabble game, SNOW!!!!, and an engaging discussion on fun facts regarding the behind-the-scenes of The Lord of the Rings movies over Korean food. Pretty great.

As far as writing...
This week was the week where I actually started to struggle. Every year so far it's gotten easier to get those 1,667 words down onto the page daily. Last year I had a harder time getting the writing down during the week because of school, but this year I find that having my schedule structured around school forced me to put time into writing. This past weekend I seriously slacked on my NaNoWriMo not because I was busy but because I didn't have as structured of a schedule and I just didn't feel like writing.

A plane flight on Wednesday helped me make up for what I didn't do over the weekend. In addition, I spent a nice, cozy hour curled up on the couch writing while the rest of the gang was in a flurry of activity in the kitchen on Thanksgiving.

I only wrote 752 words today because I was doing stuff most of the day and because my computer was slightly indisposed. However, this was enough to keep me on pace at 41,721 words.

I got to have a good conversation with my brother's girlfriend about NaNoWriMo. She's a veteran of the challenge, having won it with a novel she completed(I'm hopefully going to get to read it, or at least the first chapter). We had a good talk about creative brainstorming and such, and it really got me inspired for this novel.

There's a lot more that I could say but I won't because it would turn this post into quite the mess. Messes are good things but I am tired and I'm sharing a room with my parents and I think they want to sleep. So I bid you adieu.

Happy Thanksgiving and happy day or night or whenever it is that you're reading this. Much love and peace to all,

Heather <3

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