NaNoWriMo 2016: Day 18

The place I do most of my writing this year is my school's library.

In the morning before the bell rings and during the 15-minute morning break(my school is groovy like that), I sit by myself at a table in the library and write.

I eat lunch outside with my friends. As soon as I'm finished eating, I head to the library. Lunch is the only time that the cluster of couches in the library are free(normally they're occupied by upperclassmen), so I get to curl up in a couch and write until the bell rings.

After classes are over, I once more find myself in the library. I sit at a table with my friends. Although I occasionally pipe in, I usually just listen to their conversations and write. I find the things they say both amusing and good background noise for getting in that "creative zone" that the NaNoWriMo website loves to talk about.

I didn't write anything on Sunday because I was swamped with a biology project that took approximately five hours longer than I expected it to, but I've managed to catch up and I'm now on track. Sitting in the library today I reached an exciting point in the plot and found myself stomping my feet and beaming into the computer screen. The friends I sit with in the library play video games on their computers and they do that pretty regularly, so it seemed like a normal thing.

Currently, I have 30, 461 words. If I don't post before Thanksgiving, have a great one! And if you don't celebrate American Thanksgiving, have a great one anyway!

World peace and love,

Heather <3

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