The 100th Post of the Blergh! GIVEAWAY + Celebration!!!!!

This post is the 100th post on The Blergh



It seems only fair that I should celebrate with and thank the community into which I have pushed these one hundred posts of silliness into. So... I'm doing a giveaway!

The lucky winner will receive:

 Rosy vanilla lip gloss- Specially handcrafted and cruelty-free.

Bath and Body Work's Endless Weekend Lotion & Cream- I'm not sure what the difference is between the lotion and the cream but they both smell awesome either way.

A 4 oz. jar of matcha- Matcha, which in this case comes in a powder form, is a lovely shade of green which tells you that it's chock full of antioxidants. It's also caffeinated, making it a great healthy choice for early mornings or late night study sessions. All you need is a quarter teaspoon to make a great cup of tea, plus you can add it to nice cream and even batters.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is something peaceful/good for the world and post a photo of it on Instagram. Make sure you put the link in the caption and tag your photo #theblerghpost100giveaway. It will need to be public*. Do this by Thursday, October 13th.

On Friday, October 14th, I will draw the name of one winner from a hat(a fedora, to be exact). I will notify the winner and will also announce it on here.

Keep in mind that if you are this winner, you will need to provide me with some means of getting the items to you.

*Unless I'm already following you, because my friends are the only people who read this.

Last night I was awake from the period of 12:30 am to 4:30 am. In my head, I thought out a nice celebratory post. But from the period of 4:30 am to 6:30 am in which I actually slept a little bit my post ideas were chased out by really weird dreams. So...

Blergh stats! :D

Of these one hundred posts, Nice Cream: The Ice Cream That's Good For You is the most viewed. Surprising to me, Go-Somewhere Post has the second most views.

Not alarmingly, the majority of the views to The Blergh come from the U.S. The second largest portion of views comes from Russia.

The most used browser to view The Blergh is Chrome, with Safari coming in second.

The operating system that has seen The Blergh the most is Windows. IPhone has seen it the second most.

Thanks for hanging out for one hundred posts! That's quite a lot, but I'm just getting started. Haha. (Seriously, though.)
I'm super excited about the giveaway. I had so so so much fun putting it together. Don't forget to post your photo to enter by Thursday, October 13th!

For those of you in the midst of Hurricane Matthew, stay safe. World peace and loads of love to all of y'all,
Heather  <3

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