Hurricane Matthew Diaries- Pt. 2

Oct 6- Thursday night

The water is still working. Not sure what's up with that. Just in case, all the bathtubs in our house are filled to the top.

It's raining pretty hard here, but still not worse than a usual summer storm, just longer. I should mention that my house is pretty far back in the woods. My front yard is mainly palm and oak trees, while my back yard goes mangroves->pond->mangroves->river. To one side of my house is more woods and to the other side is some vines and stuff and then our neighbor's house. With all the trees, we're pretty well protected, so the wind isn't too noticeable. However, my dad said that he walked out to the road and could hardly stand up.

My mom cooked up an awesome spaghetti dinner, and for dessert I finished off a bin of ice cream(for the record, it was almost empty to start with) because I knew that if our power goes, our freezer goes. We were just getting ready to play Pictionary when my neighbor arrived to spend the night.

My neighbor was going to stay in my brother's room(he's away at grad school), but I was not about to let that happen. My brother's room is upstairs, right by some oak trees with a considerable amount of dead branches. I love my brother's room, but I get nervous in it when there's a slight breeze. I would not let someone stay in it when there's a hurricane with 130 mph winds swirling around the house.

So I moved my stuff from my sister's room to my brother's room. I tried nearly every outlet in my parent's room before I found one that actually worked to charge my computer. I'm trying to keep everything charged so when the power goes, I'll be able to blog. Haha, that sounds so lame.

My neighbor brought almond milk. She says she's confused as to why she got it, because she's never tried it before. But I'm stoked. Ever since I got into this whole "vegan" thing(I'm not a vegan, just a vegan enthusiast), I've wanted to try it. And make nice cream with it! But for now, I need to focus on removing ice cream from the freezer rather than putting more in.

So now it's a full-fledged party, but I'm really sleepy and I don't think we're going to play Pictionary.

The wind just perceptibly picked up. And my laptop just made a weird noise. I'm spooked. I'm gonna go back downstairs and be sociable.

Oct.7- Friday morning

Today it finally feels like October. I'm not sure what it is, but there's something in the air that is distinctly more October-ish than it was yesterday.

Last night was incredible. I don't think I slept more than an hour total the whole night, but it was worth it to see the storm. For most of the night, I lay between my mom and my dad and watched the sillhouettes of trees thrash in the wind. It made me even more grateful for a sturdy home. The power went out at around 2 am as expected.

My parents and I got up at around six, but at seven I went back to bed and slept until eight. By then, it was light out and we could see our yard.

Our driveway is nowhere to be seen. With all the branches and leaves blanketing the ground, and still being tossed by the wind, it looks like a real jungle outside.

For breakfast, the father of the family that is staying with us scrambled eggs. Our neighbor that's staying with us had brought homemade blueberry-walnut muffins. And we had berries and bread. We have no shortage of food, and I think we're all immensely grateful.

Since there's no power, making breakfast was an adventure. We're trying to keep the freezer and refrigerator cold, so we have to be very quick about opening it. Before anyone opened the fridge, we all made a list of what we should get out-eggs, milk, cheese, berries- then once it was open, it was a mad dash.

My dad tied a flashlight from our vent fan about the stove so the chef of the hour could see what he was cooking. I'm not sure about the workings of the stove and griddle and stuff, but I'm guessing that we could use it because it runs on gasoline.

Once the wind dies down, my dad can run the generator to power a few things in the house. At that point, I guess we'll have to start the cleanup. I'm not sure where to start, though.

For now, we're just hunkering down. I think maybe we'll actually play Pictionary.

Oct. 7- Friday night

Earlier today, we all ventured outside to see what we could see. The cleanup will take some work, but all in all the damage was not bad. I'm super grateful for that.

My dad got the generator going, so we have a working refrigerator and air conditioning in one end of the house.

Right now, we're at the house of the family that was staying with us. The roads are pretty clear, and their house had electricity(and wifi!) so we brought dinner there. We're all relaxed in the living room, watching the Clemson football game. Go Tigers.

I cannot emphasize enough how thankful I am to be safe, to be with family and friends, to have food and water and a sturdy home.

World peace, love, and safety to all,

Heather <3

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