24 Silly Little Great Things

1. Taking off a jacket in cool weather.

2. Colorful foods.

3. Riding in someone else's car at night.

4. Stepping out of an airport for the first time at your destination.

5. Airports in general.

6. Hearing an obscure song you love in a public place.

7. Sunlight as it hits and reflects off windows.

8. Loose-fitting sweaters that hang past the palms of your hands.

9. Birds' nests in unusual places.

10. The surge of energy that comes after sprinting a short distance.

11. The beeping of a truck backing up.

12. That time of day when there's enough sunshine coming through the windows so you don't need to turn on lights in the house.

13. Mixing ingredients.

14. Checking things off lists.

15. Painting thick, bold abstractions.

16. The scent and color of coffee.

17. Business awnings.

18. Do Not Disturb signs in hotels.

19. Cold showers after exercising.

20. Animals' eyebrows.

21. Missing your friends when you're away.

22. Pink interior walls.

23. College campuses.

24. Walking by people who are speaking in foreign languages.


World peace and love,

Heather <3

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