What's In My Bag

If you've ever followed a YouTuber or blogger that enjoys DIYs and food things like the stuff on The Blergh, you've probably seen a "What's In My Bag" video/post. I decided it was high time I gave it a go.

So I crinkled my nose and dumped the contents of my purse onto the living room floor.
To start with, this is my bag. It's pretty cute and big and functional. My mom had it sitting in her closet for the longest time, so last year I took it. See that black streak? It's sharpie. A much younger version of me did that.

1. A pamphlet for an outlet mall I went to with my mom this April. I bought a pair of shorts and I think some other stuff but I'm listening to music right now which is taking up too much of my thought process to remember what else.

2. Some tissues or napkins or something. They look used.

3. Candy wrappers. Among these are Lindt truffles, recent, opened within the past week or two. There is also a Florida Gators themed full-sized Hershey's wrapper.

4. Candy. Lindt truffles as well as Olive Garden mint chocolates, both from a recent lunch with some friends. The rest are mints in Florida Gators themed wrappers. The mints, as well as the Hershey's bar, are from this year's New Year's/New Year's Eve party.

5. Receipts. For the most part, they're faded enough that I can't tell where they're from.

6. A pack of tissues. At least they're unused.

7. My wallet and some change. My wallet features a horse and her horsey baby, wearing pink bows. I got it in third(maybe fourth?) grade on a girls' weekend with my friend and our moms. Kudos to that wallet for holding up. I love it.

8. Glasses cleaners. I don't have glasses. I guess I intended to use it for electronics screens.

9. One of those little ticket things, like for a drawing or something. I don't know where it's from. I don't know what it's for. It's cute, though.

10. A while ago, a few friends and I went to a Which Wich. If you don't have a Which Wich in your area, they're this really fun sandwich chain where you fill out your order on the paper bag which will later hold your sandwich. A lot of people will put weird names on their bags rather than my own. I put Steve Rogers, and my friends were Tony Stark, Poot Lovato, Rapunzel, and Bill Nye. I got a "lettucewich", which I thought meant a sandwich with lettuce in it, but really it was a sandwich where the bread was replaced with lettuce. So a salad. That I ate like a sandwich because I was too ditzy to get a fork. This was in December of 2015.

11. A pair of footie socks from a recent pointe shoe fitting.

12. A mystery ????

Before I went through the contents of my purse, I had every intention of putting everything back right where it was. But when I realized what had been in there since 2015, I got kind of grossed out. I did end up disposing of the dirty napkins and the candy wrappers, and recycling the unreadable receipts. The mysterious ticket, however, stayed put. Maybe it will come in handy some day.

Peace and love,

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