The Lunch Table

I misplaced the notebook where I plan my posts so now I must take you on a tour through my lunch table at school, which I am currently sitting at.

The lunch table is really three outdoor picnic tables linked together because that's just how many friends I have.

At the right end of the table, two people are watching a Kpop video and the two people adjacent to them are eating and conversing normally.  Beside the two "normal" people are two guys watching some video on their phone.  Despite the video's volume being all the way up, I can't figure out what it is.  There's a guy standing behind them, too. He stands a lot.

One time, the standing guy was sitting behind me in English and he started humming "The Way You Look Tonight" which is what plays in the last episode of the first season of Agent Carter, when Peggy is pouring the last of Steve's blood into the river from the Brooklyn Bridge. I remember this humming moment well because I freaked out but managed to do it so subtly that I don't think anyone noticed.

To my right normally sits this weird kid who has a blog. We call him Spinach Fettucine sometimes. However, right now he is standing with the dudes watching the video. (However, he is not the Standing Kid).

Across from me is the waifu kid. Every day he gets a new waifu. Currently he is shoving a picture of his latest waifu into the face of the girl next to me, who is politely declining by saying, "I'm not really into that."

I shall now interview this girl.

How does Bob's Burgers influence your emotional development?
It helps me understand the struggle of long-distance relationships, especially between that of a man and a mannequin. What is her name???* Screams...

Describe your dietary habits.
Um, well I eat sushi... Yesterday I ate sushi twice. I eat sushi many times a week. Not really. I eat ice cream too. I eat salads. Many salads. I also order lunch at school, because I'm irresponsible and forget my lunchbox.

When the waifu kid freaks out about his waifus, he grabs the shoulder of the guy sitting next to him and shakes the guy vigorously. The guy only eats goldfish, ham, water, pizza, chicken, and steak. Nobody has ever seen him eat anything else.

Next to him is a kid who once brought me a packet of hot chocolate powder, and next to him is an Asian kid who is obscenely proud of his Asian-ness.

Adjacent from the Very Proud Asian Kid is another guy who I don't really know but I know he likes Marvel so that's cool.

Between the girl I interviewed and the Marvel kid is TECH SUPPORT TORI!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will now interview Spinach Fettucine.

What's your favorite letter of the alphabet?

U with an accent mark.


World peace and love,

This post pains me.

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