The Crazy Birthday Party

Last weekend I went to a birthday party. It was crazy. My friend, the guest of honor, said, "You can blog about this. Call it, 'The Crazy Birthday Party'."

The party started with a group chat invitation. Everybody knew each other except a mysterious 266 number. Nobody knew the 266 number. That's a lie, the guest of honor did, and another girl did, and I came to the conclusion as did probably a few others. But for the most part, everybody was asking who was 266? They would have to find out at the party.

By the way, the group chat is still in tact as I write. It is now called "Enough About Harambe".

The party actually started out at a Panera in our local outdoor mall. Are there Paneras everywhere? They're a chain, but when I think about it I haven't seem them anywhere except my county. If you don't have a one near you and don't know what it is, Panera Bread is a super great Italian chain that is accurately named because its bread is GOOD.

I was late, one of the last people there, because I can't count and thought that 10 plus 20 was 15. There were about twenty people in total, which is a lot if you realize that we're all age 13-14 and therefore extremely volatile. The guest of honor's parents are extremely generous people.

I got Panera's Chinese Cashew salad. I think that was what it was called. The word chicken was in there somewhere, maybe. It was really pretty. I took some pictures.

I was lucky and somehow evaded getting harassed for getting a salad. One of the other girls was not so lucky.

We all got cookies, which were Panera's exclusive summer flip flop cookies. Which were delicious. And, again, pretty.
This is some high quality photography.
You know how I mentioned the whole teenager, volatile thing? Yeah, so there was a lot of yelling, which came to a climax when someone realized there was a Pokémon Gym conveniently located just outside the Panera, in the surrounding outdoor mall area. Did you know that, when I type Pokémon, Blogger automatically gives the 'e' an accent? How cool is that?

I don't have Pokémon Go. I only play real Pokémon. Plus I don't have a phone because I am a child.

Several other people in the group didn't have Pokémon Go either, so we hung out in the back of the group thinking we were walking somewhere important when really the kids in the front were just trying to catch Pokémon. During that time, 266 told a few of us about the difficulties making chain mail. The armor, not the letters.

Then we realized that we needed to get to the theater because the movie was going to start soon. We ran to the theater, taking lots of selfies along the way, ran into the theater, sashayed past a younger kid's birthday party while waving coyly, and ran into the room where the movie was playing. Actually, a few people went into the wrong room, and everybody was a little confused, but it all worked out okay.

I missed the most of the previews beforehand because I was watching a recording of my friend's version of Cinderella, which was mostly her walking around and pretending to cry in either a really nice dress or a dress that was completely ripped to shreds. It also included interludes of another friend basically being herself. That's all that the outerworld gets to know about this Cinderella, because it's a highly valued work of art that the outerworld can't know too much about.

And then we saw Suicide Squad. That's right, Suicide Squad, the one with all the bad reviews.

It was great. I freaking loved it and so did everybody else in our group.

I don't know, maybe it was because we were all testy teenagers and it appealed to our #edgy side. If you're a #edgy teenager and you're looking to channel your inner demons with a totally aesthetic movie, this would be the one.

All in all it was pretty great party. I don't know if the post will be remotely interesting to anyone but the people who were there, but they're pretty much the only people that read this blog anyways. And I send much thanks to the guest of honor for inviting me and much thanks to the guest of honor's parents for being so patient. And much thanks to all who read this.

Lots of love and peace to all,
Heather <3

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