Let's Learn About Classical Greece (Just Kidding)

In the middle of the summer, when I had all that get-up-and-go excitement to
post really high quality content consistently, I made a list of posts and put
them in order of when I was going to post each of them based on all sorts of

Today is the last day of the second full week of high school for me and probably
for you since my friends are the only people that read this blog. I haven't had
time to write, photograph, or do whatever else one does for a blog. So here's
rambling post generally about nothing and more or less about somethings.

I'm a cheerleader. Yay go tigers. Today's the first game that the team is
cheering at. Go tigers. We had a pep rally yesterday, which was really really fun. Everybody at my school thinks being peppy is lame except the junior high kids, which was good because I ended up facing the junior high kids to cheer. All of us who faced them felt really good because we felt like there was actually a point to being cheery.

Currently I'm sitting in my math class. We just finished taking a quiz which
I think went well seeing as our homework last night was literally exactly what
was going to be on the quiz.

My brother and his girlfriend Skyped last night and his girlfriend mentioned
making a workout playlist to superhero songs and pretending that one was working
out with Tony Stark. So I'll probably post a workout playlist. That sounds fun
and like something I could write after a quiz.

What is it about Kevin Barnes that makes him so likeable? He's so

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