2016 Summer Aesthetics!

It might interest you to know that I am writing this introduction at 3:34 am. I haven't slept at all. I have a cold. I'm so full of energy but so tired at the same time. I have a sports physical tomorrow. Go me.

Since getting an Instagram this summer, I've been dazzled by vibrant photos that have inspired me like crazy. In particular the Instagrams @earthyandy @worldwanderlust, and @thrivingonplants have gotten me totally stoked.

About a month or so ago, I was feeling artsy and compiled a collage of images that gave me that summery feeling- a sense of freedom, energy, and exhilaration. Images isn't everything, but the ideas and feelings connected to an image can really inspire a person. I don't own any of the images in that collage, so I won't post it here, but here's the list of what was on it, along with the ideas associated with it.

Tl;dr: these are my summer aesthetics:

pointe shoes, beat up, light dusty pink
thick rope, knots, nautical
pawprints in the sand, the scent of water and salt
barefoot sandals, bright colors, bohemian, beachy
white tanktop, sunshine
sunkissed sandy hair, big vibrant bohemian style rings
wooden utensils, bowls, foods from the earth
garden, green, banana trees, big pillows, outdoors, succulents
mangos, foods from the earth, vibrant colors, fruit
guitars, acoustic, wooden
surf, surfboards, waves, green room, salt, sunshine

Do you have a song that you listened to at one point in time and now you can't listen to it without thinking of that time? Listening to my iPod on a road trip the other day, I realized that almost every song in my iTunes library has a correlation with a time, place, or person. That connection makes the song even more special. This whole post is starting to sound like an English essay. Here's the music of this summer's aesthetic:

KSMB, Ebba Grön- One of the first nights of summer vacation, after a dance recital, my dad and I started watching this Swedish punk movie called We Are the Best! It's an absolutely wonderful movie, I definitely recommend it. It's on Netflix. Go look it up. Anywho, it turns out there are a lot of great Swedish punk bands, and their music has become my unofficial blogging music(I'm listening to Asta Kask right now). The two bands most prominently featured in We Are the Best! are KSMB and Ebba Grön. There are lots of other really good ones, too. It's fun music, and since you can't understand the lyrics unless you speak Swedish(kudos to you if you do), it doesn't make you angry.

Of Montreal- Last summer, I listened to Of Montreal's album False Priest almost on repeat. I'm still obsessed with pretty much every song in the album. But if I had to pick one of their albums for this summer, I would go with Cherry Peel, or the pre-Cherry Peel demo. Another album I recommend is Aureate Gloom, especially the song Bassem Sabry. Of Montreal has such a wide range of music, it's hard to pin the band down to one genre. Each of the albums I've listed here embodies the brazen-ness of summer differently.

The Beach Boys- All Beach Boys. All the time. So much Beach Boys.

This post was kind of weird. I had fun with it, though. You know what you should do if you read this? You should comment. Tell me your summer aesthetics. Or just your aesthetics in general. Tell me I suck. I don't care. Just comment.

Peace and love to all,
Heather <3

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