5 Smoothie Bowls Real People Can Actually Make (and Enjoy)

The foodie side of the internet is in love with bowls. More specifically, bowls with colorful foods in them. They're photogenic, and generally tasty, because that's just how these things work. If you've ever checked out a health food blog, you've probably seen a smoothie bowl. This smoothie bowl was, most likely, incredibly healthy, incredibly colorful, and maybe it included something from each of the food groups. It probably had ingredients you'd never heard of. What the hell are cacao nibs? Where are you supposed to get acai? Pitaya?

Smoothie bowls are great because you can top your smoothie with more tasty things, therefore making it more filling and nutritious. Many smoothie bowls I've seen include weird seeds and fruits that are exotic and therefore highly expensive and hard to find.

Sure, you could put a bunch of money and effort into such things, but it doesn't have to be so difficult. These smoothie bowls are ones I made at home, with ingredients that we would have in our fridge even if I hadn't told my mother I was going on a smoothie rampage.

Note: the one ingredient you might not normally have at your dispense is coconut. I was lucky enough to come upon a tree full of coconuts when I went to the beach the other day, and also lucky enough to have a strong dad who split them open for me. However, I'm pretty sure you can get coconut at your friendly neighborhood grocery store. Just... don't quote me on that.

Note number 2: If you want even more nutrition, you can add a handful of greens to any of these smoothies. You won't be able to taste it, but you'll still get all those good earthy vitamins and whatnot.

For the first one, I combined a few of my favorite summer fruits. The smoothie itself is a whole banana, ten chunks of watermelon, ten grapes, and ten small-ish pieces of coconut. This makes a lot of smoothie, so if you want it smaller, I suggest less watermelon. It's also very sweet, so if you want to tone the sweetness down, use less grapes. For toppings, I used mango slices, coconut shreds, sunflower seeds, frozen grapes, and an orchid head. My friends rave about frozen grapes, so I popped some into the freezer the night before and added them on my smoothie bowl as a finishing touch. They were delicious! The orchid was more for looks, but it didn't taste bad either. They grow really well where I live so I thought, why not? If you're going to add a flower from your garden, make sure you know whether or not it's edible first. I don't want to be responsible for any poisonings.
All in all, the bowl was excellent! It was especially hydrating, and I'd recommend it for a hot summer day. Not only was it filling, but it left me feeling awake, refreshed, and ready to take on the day.

Breakfast bliss. A whole banana and a whole apple make up this smoothie, along with two spoonfuls of yogurt and a drizzle of apple juice. Again, this makes a really big smoothie, so if you want it smaller- and easier to blend- use less apple. The consistency of the smoothie was not unlike- surprise- apple sauce, but don't get grossed out. It fit perfectly with the granola, blueberries, and thin slices of peach and strawberry on top. I also accented it with a dusting of cinnamon. It was so delicious! An excellent wake-up call.

According to my dad, the key to cooking is to make things that are healthy but taste unhealthy. Dad's not too keen on smoothie bowls- he thinks they're weird- but this one goes along with his philosophy. A banana, three strawberries, and a generous spoonful of peanut butter make for a very thick smoothie. Top it off with granola, raisins, and dark chocolate chips, 'cause dark chocolate's healthy. It was so delicious and satisfying and it kept me full and energized through the morning.

Food photography tip: Make sure there's a memory card in your camera before taking pictures of your food. I promise this smoothie bowl was as beautiful as it was tasty. The smoothie, which was banana, three strawberries, five raspberries and five blueberries, was a cheery pink, and it was topped off by streaks of almond butter, granola, and frozen berries. Encouraged by the frozen grapes, I had popped a few of each kind of berry- strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry- into the freezer. Make sure to cut the strawberries before freezing them if you want to be able to eat them easily. The berries are rock hard when they come out of the freezer! After a minute or two out of the freezer, the frost was visible on their skins, and they looked so pretty in the bowl. Luckily they were just as delicious! This breakfast was super sweet and very nourishing.

For a tangy start to your day, use only half a banana, but add half of a sliced peach to keep its thickness. Throw in several chopped strawberries, and a few chunks of coconut, as well as a bit of citrus juice(I used lime. I recommend about a quarter tsp., although I just eyeballed it). Once it's all smoothie-fied, pour it into your bowl and top it with sunflower seeds, the rest of the banana, some shreds of coconut, and some citrus zest. This will certainly wake you up and keep you going, plus it's really tasty. Beware adding too much citrus juice, unless you're into really sour stuff. I also put some orchid petals on top, mostly for looks because they don't taste like much. Again, if you're gonna use flowers on your smoothie bowl, please please please make sure they're edible first so you don't poison yourself. With those things in mind, it's a delightful breakfast!

If you try these, or if you have any ideas or suggestions, please let me know below! I hope you enjoy!

Lots of love,

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