Easy, Tasty, Healthy Summer Soda!

All smiles today, because today, I surfed for the first time! My friend is a really good surfer and she's been teaching me, and I went today with my dad who's also a really good surfer and he helped me out, and I caught a few waves around rode them! To the shore!

While I was riding our last one in, these two guys were walking the beach in front of me, and they were looking at me(it was kind of hard not to. Not only was I wearing a neon bathing suit but I was screaming because I WAS SURFING!!!). As the wave fizzled out, I saluted them and promptly plopped backwards into the water. It was totally great.

Anywho, I brought along to the beach a concoction that complemented the salt, sun, and sand perfectly.

It's literally just a combination of half watermelon juice, half carbonated water, and it makes a delightful healthy soda. The best part is, you can use any juice you want. I happened to have watermelon juice because there had previously been lots of watermelon in the house which left behind lots of juice.

This is great because you only need two ingredients and it tastes delicious! Plus there's no added sugars or preservatives or whatever is in other sodas, just fruity goodness!

Just remember that juice is not a replacement for the fruit. It may taste good and be good for you, but you need the actual fruit to get all the nutrition. That doesn't mean that juice isn't great, though. And it makes a pretty nice soda!

Peace and love,

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