I Am In a Pillow Fort

Hello. I am currently in a pillow fort.

What with a tropical storm sweeping its tendrils over the state, it's gray and rainy today- or, at least, it was an hour and a half ago, when I took my last look outside before cocooning myself in pillows. Such is the ideal weather for a pillow fort.

Here are the statistics of the pillow fort.
Pillows: 8
     Pillow-like chairs: 2
Blankets: 4
    [3 as infrastructure, 1 as blanket]
Couch: 1
Mugs of tea: 1
Times I spilled tea: 2
Laptop: 1
Times I spilled tea on laptop: 1

The pillow fort needs a name still, though. Which is why I need you to comment. Seriously. I know you're there. I know that somewhere, someone sees this blog. Blogger tells me these things. You should comment, you know. Help me name pillow fort.

"I know books are your fort-e." -Princess Celestia
"All Quiet on the Western Fort." -Spike
"Fortenheit 451." -Twilight Sparkle

My neck actually kind of hurts. But I don't know how to get out of the fort.

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